HallSchool : Social Distancing + Learning at Home

It’s social distancing time! Since school is out for the next two weeks+, so I figured I needed to put some framework around our days. Let’s be honest, this is for my mental health first. And the education of my children second. ūüėČ Just general outlines and ideas. We’re not being too serious here. Will … More HallSchool : Social Distancing + Learning at Home

DIY | An Approachable and Memory-Making Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

Honestly, a Holiday bucket list is both a necessity and a reason to panic. This year, I’ve worked the memories I want to make and the lessons I want to teach into our advent calendar / Christmas countdown. The prep work will make family opportunities more possible. But also, my expectations are low because, real life. … More DIY | An Approachable and Memory-Making Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar

ÔĽŅLITTLES ¬†| ¬†baby-safe easy DIY fingerpaint

LITTLES ¬†| ¬†baby-safe easy DIY fingerpaint / footpaint baby safe = edible easy = 3 ingredients & no cooking Before we know it Little Miss’ first birthday will be here! I couldn’t do all of the work myself, so little MJ was given the task of invitations. ūüėČ Also… it was a beautiful day and … More ÔĽŅLITTLES ¬†| ¬†baby-safe easy DIY fingerpaint

DESIGN | dropcloth dreams for a headboard DIY project

DESIGN ¬†| ¬†Dropcloth DIY Headboard ‚ÄúI love the look of the drop-cloth, a beautiful natural color with subtle texture, and the nailheads bring the added style that helps to tie it to the rest of our room.‚ÄĚ Shortly after getting married, Josh and I had the DIY itch to makeover the pieces that we acquired … More DESIGN | dropcloth dreams for a headboard DIY project

HOPES & DREAMS | ’tis the season!

Merry Christmas! The Hall’s have begun decking the halls! {I’ll get tired of that, right?} The mantle is bothering me, so I am focusing my efforts elsewhere. These two gold frames flank our fireplace and were my first-ever score from the innagural¬†Country Living Festival in Atlanta. I spotted them immediately and carried them around with … More HOPES & DREAMS | ’tis the season!

CREATE | coffee & coconut oil scrub

CREATE ¬†| ¬†SWEET COFFEE¬†SCRUB   Prepare yourself for some skin tightening & smoothing! This coffee¬†scrub¬†smells amazing and will leave your skin silky soft. The caffeine increases blood flow to your skin, helping it appear smoother and even a little tighter, while the sugar exfoliates to get rid of dry winter skin! Ingredients 1/2 cup ground … More CREATE | coffee & coconut oil scrub

a peek at our patio!

oh hello there little blog of mine. how i have missed you!  Well spring has sprung and it brought with it new commitments, celebrations and time-suckers. Hashtag I’m Not Complaining! ūüôā {back to our regularly ‘scheduled’ programming} I’ve gathered inspiration and we’ve begun purchasing…our patio is beginning to come together! Although it’s not ready for … More a peek at our patio!

a new life

We updated our wingback chairs!  {without the cost or pain of an upholstery job!} Soon after we were married we were gifted a set of white wingback chairs in great condition. For a while, I added ‘Amanda-like’ pillows to them to make them more ‘us’, but I knew that they still weren’t fully there yet… … More a new life

oh, hello

Well guys, Monday has found us once again.  Over the weekend we managed to crank out a couple of projects…stacks labeled ‘what should we with this?‘ are slowly shrinking and we are starting to see the floor of our front room {small happy dance}. My little brother and his girlfriend came over Friday night and … More oh, hello

CREATE | DIY Captain’s Mirror How-To {restoration hardware inspired}

DIY Captain’s Mirror How-To {restoration hardware inspired} ¬† Our front room is a major work in progress, we have beautiful blank white walls and hardly any furniture for the room. We really aren’t sure how we are going to use the room yet {any ideas?!}…but we¬†are excited to literally start from nothing to give this … More CREATE | DIY Captain’s Mirror How-To {restoration hardware inspired}

Before & After: Goodwill Dresser Refurb Project

        {Goodwill Dresser Refurb Project} Our first married people DIY project {I think…bad memory} was born out of a complete storage NEED! Being the wannabe DIY-ers that we are, we instantly knew that we would salvage someone else’s furniture discard instead of purchasing a new {probably IKEA…} piece of furniture. Let’s save … More Before & After: Goodwill Dresser Refurb Project

the marriage of furniture

Marriage is the union of two people. And their furniture. Husband furniture. You’ve heard the stories. Luckily my husband didn’t come with any fooseball tables, beer banners or a giant video game collections connected to his hip. Whew! Well, there is this one leather recliner….more on that one day. And two cookie-cutter-furniture-company tiny brown wood and whicker tables (read: … More the marriage of furniture

this should be your next meal: Fig & Prosciutto Pizza

You’re about to get hunger pains.  Fig & Prosciutto Pizza I found these awesome gluten-free, dairy-free, everything-free pizza crusts at Kroger the other day.  Start with them and brush on EVOO and garlic powder Slice up some fresh mozzarella balls and place on the pizza To give the pie an extra flavor profile, drizzle on some balsamic vinegar. … More this should be your next meal: Fig & Prosciutto Pizza

crafty time

Long labor day weekend is coming up- yippee!! I am thinking that I should begin tackling my massive “crafty time” pinterest board of DIY projects. ūüôā If that makes me a dork, then so be it. Growing up with a mom like mine means I have always had my hands in paint, ric rac ribbon, … More crafty time