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coffee and coconut amanda macy hall

{ this coconut oil + this ashley brooke designs design mug }

Last month I started an obsession with coconut oil. OBSESSION. I’m washing my face with it, cooking with it, slathering it on my skin, mixing it in my green smoothies, rubbing it on the dog, swishing it around in my mouth {read this} and now stirring it into my morning coffee. Obsessingggg.

Do a google search for ‘coconut oil benefits’ and you are bombarded – this stuff is good and there are 101 reasons why. {start here and here}

make this : black coffee & coconut oil

I’m not the girl that can’t function without a cup of coffee – my days don’t depend on it, I don’t even crave it. Do I appreciate it’s energy-boosting benefits? Absolutely. So when I heard that adding a tablespoon of my new favorite food to my morning cup of black coffee would amp up it’s benefits – I did a happy dance. {to Whitney Houston, duh.}

Supposedly we should consume 1/4 cup of coconut oil a day to reap the 101 benefits 😉 – adding a tablespoon to hot coffee is an easy start. The oil will melt as it warms and you stir. You will probably notice the oil bubbles on the surface of your coffee – but I don’t notice a change in texture. What I do notice is a subtle tropical taste – so that’s fun! According to the Wellness Mama this coconut addition will lengthen the energy boosting powers of your coffee in a way that doesn’t shock your blood sugar. Score!

It’s very possible that some smarty pants scientist will come out with a study that proves it all wrong and breaks my coconut-coated heart.

But until then – cheers to you, coconut oil.

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