oh, hello

Well guys, Monday has found us once again. 
Over the weekend we managed to crank out a couple of projects…stacks labeled ‘what should we with this?‘ are slowly shrinking and we are starting to see the floor of our front room {small happy dance}. My little brother and his girlfriend came over Friday night and we wrangled them in to painting our back room- can’t wait to post pictures, it looks good {thanks jazz!}. 

Better late than never…Josh and I started to watch Downton Abbey! Late late Saturday night {after jalapeno margs, delish} we started with Season 1, Episode 1 and as of last night we are in to Season 2. I. am. completely. obsessed. Do you think it’d be okay if I stayed home from work this week to keep watching? Yeah, probably not. Do you watch Downton? {No spoilers please!} 

cheers to a good week for all 🙂

oh yeah the sea urchin starbursts have a new home over our bed now, you like? 


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