DESIGN | dropcloth dreams for a headboard DIY project


DESIGN  |  Dropcloth DIY Headboard

“I love the look of the drop-cloth, a beautiful natural color with subtle texture, and the nailheads bring the added style that helps to tie it to the rest of our room.”

Shortly after getting married, Josh and I had the DIY itch to makeover the pieces that we acquired through marriage. That included his queen sized sleigh bed. Don’t worry, it wasn’t of heirloom quality, so we broke out the staple gun and made the piece work for us!


Photo By: Christopher Oquendo


Read more about the project and check out 12+ ways to “Use a DIY Headboard to Remake your Room” on today!

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Happy DIYing!

Amanda Macy

Photo By: Christopher Oquendo
HGTV Article by: Lori Johnston, Fast Copy


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