All the Fall

I’m basic and I know it. I like Fall. A lot… No shame!

So much so, that I’ve been writing about all the fall feels, recipes, decor, and DIY projects for a lot of years. If I had to guess, I probably launched my blog in the Fall. And then re-launched it in the fall… Something about this season makes me feel all crafty and inspired!

Here are my favorite Fall posts that I’ve written over the years:

Our first fall in our new {current} house! At the time our home still had all of those new-house-feels and I didn’t want to crowd it up with fall decor. But also, fall is my favorite, soo…

Here’s how I incorporated little Fall moments around the house. In 2015. I’d like to do an update of this post someday…

We are the turkey couple for our annual Friendsgiving {9th annual coming up this year!}. We’ve prepared it a few different ways but have had the most success with this method / recipe.

It’ll save you a ton of time and it’s so delicious. Josh does the cutting though, I can’t, can’t, can’t.

Halloween DIY Easy Candy Pumpkin Countdown by Amanda Macy Hall for Project Nursery Project Junior Mars Candy
Countdown to Halloween with this Easy Candy Pumpkin DIY!
blog post written for Junior by Project Nursery
sponsored by Mars, Incorporated and Kroger

A fun little spin on an advent-like countdown calendar for Halloween. Honestly, my favorite part of this is that candy garland! Also… that picture of me and MJ in front of Kroger {face palm}.

Candy Garland How-To: Lay out a line of candy on the bottom edge of a long piece of clear cling wrap. Roll the line of candy in the saran wrap. Don’t overthink it. Tie ribbon or twine between each piece of candy. That’s it!

Wow, did I go through a tassel phase! There are now contraptions that make tassel-making easier {I have this one, but this one is probably easier to find}. But if you want to try this today, grab an Amazon box {you know you have one} and follow this tutorial.

If I were to update this for the current season, I would probably double the number of tassels and add big chunky wooden natural beads into the mix too. Also, choose yarns with varying textures to mix things up. Gosh, now I want to make this again….

A spooky halloween party idea for kids! Gosh, I had sooo much fun creating this post! I think it was my very first sponsored post for Project Nursery / Project Junior. I was sooo nervous but was also feeling 100% happy and in my element! Thankfully, my mom came over for moral and actual support. We had a really fun day together and I love that memory.

It’s been a few years, but I still use the striped paper garland, DIY Boo sign, runner, and DIY Drink Me signs as Halloween decor. You can see those pieces here.

This is what pregnancy does to the brain.

I was less than two months away from delivering MJ and I vividly remember my mind being obsessed with making a list of all the ways to use Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter. Totally normal guys…totally. There are some really delicious ideas in here though!

This product is super cool. Worlds easier than chalkboard paint with the exact same effect. The post has a great picture of Josh hanging it… which the sponsor probably didn’t expect… ha, whoops!

Honestly though, this DIY chalkboard is still holding strong in our house and is used quite frequently. Most often it serves as a spot for letter writing practice {MJ}, keeping track of medicine intake when sick, seasonal bucket lists, quotes to keep me calm 😉 and lots of MJ scribbles. Although I want to bring back it’s original idea in November.

I was today years old when I made the connection that it’s called Pot Pie because it’s like cooking everything in a pot that is also a pie. Nevermind.

Basically I took a complicated Martha Stewart recipe and altered it for real life people. It was really good and I need to make it again!

Ooooh, Josh and I used to love making ‘hash’ dishes. Legally. Legal, hash recipes. Gosh.

Basically we loved to combine a bunch of ingredients into like flavor profiles and top them with a runny egg.

Here’s another lengthy recipe that I shortened for a more simple, but just as delicious, life.

This one is just a silly little account of our weekend. Look at those baby faces!!!!

But, at the end there is a meal idea that I really need to bring back into the rotation. It literally could not be any easier. This time, I bet I could find much better/healthier options for the key ingredient. But it’s an easy idea in a pinch, keep the ingredients on hand for sure! Check it out here.

Mom and I have been going to the Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain Park since it launched in 2010. We’ve only missed one I think. Unfortunately, I will be missing this years- but MJ is going in my place. I wonder what she will come home with…

Anyways, this is a little recap of the festival and a fall recipe I made that weekend. Memories 🙂

Remember how I was into tassels? I was also WAY into Pom Poms! That should’t be past tense… That obsession has only mildly slowed down because now MJ likes to help me make them too.

We now use this amazing contraption, but while you wait two days for that to arrive, this post shows you how to use a fork to make your pom pom dreams come true right now!

Believe it or not, there were lots more Fall posts that I didn’t include in this roundup. My fall love is deep.

Are there any Fall-type posts you’d like to see? Maybe how my home is currently decorated for Fall and Halloween? Some new kid-friendly Fall recipes we’ve been loving? How about the 3 pairs of fall boots that I wear year after year after year?

Thank you for reading! 🙂

Amanda Macy Hall


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