CREATE | DIY Bottle Lamp inspired by Pottery Barn

‘Oh please, I can make that’

The DIY itch struck again! 

Bottle lamps are all over the place right now- and why shouldn’t they be? They go with any color scheme, any decor style and come in all different styles and shapes. But…they also come with a stupid big price tag. 

At Pottery Barn they START at $120….


Even World Market {home decor knock-off experts!} sell theirs for almost $50
This is all before even adding a lamp shade. 

My DIY version will set you back about $25, and that is WITH a lampshade! Yahoo!e

CREATE  |  DIY Bottle Lamp inspired by Pottery Barn

So cute! Perfect size for a bedside table, entry way table, desk or side tables. 
What you need:
Organic Apple Juice! $8
This is the perfect bottle and hardly considered a cost if you regularly buy/drink apple juice like we do! We had 4 laying around because I just knew that one day I would think of something to do with them. 


Bottle Lamp Kit- Wal Mart $6.50 have two options for the assembly. This weekend we made lamps both ways. 
Cord IN the bottle, or cord outside of the bottle. Both look great! 
{picture above has the cord inside of the bottle}


Cord in the bottle is a bit more stressful. You have to use a drill and a special diamond drill bit {about $15 at Lowes}…and…your dad or another fearless handyman. Thanks Dad! 
The lamp kit comes with easy instructions {and the CRAZY EASY option for keeping the cord outside of the bottle}- should take you just a couple of minutes. 
Then super or hot glue the lamp kit base into the hole of your jug. 
Add a cute lamp shade {mine are World Market accent lamp shades for under $10 each} and plug it in! 
Lamp complete and completely cute! 
Price break-down:
  • Bottle {but if you regulary drink this juice..I like to not count this cost}: $8
  • Lamp Kit: $6.50
  • Accent Lamp Shade: $10
  • Total {with bottle cost}: $24.50 {or just $16.50 if you have bottles!!!}


{If you want to drill the hole and need the drill bit- tack on about $15 to your end cost}
Quite the stylish steal! 
🙂 amch


13 thoughts on “CREATE | DIY Bottle Lamp inspired by Pottery Barn

  1. Hi Kathleen! I would suggest using the Lowes Bottle Lamp Kit {}– unlike the GE/WalMart version, the Lowes kit comes with 3 rubber bottle adapters. Hopefully one will fit! If not, I have heard of people custom fitting cork into the neck. {Drill a hole into the cork for the wire}.Either way- Super Glue will your be best friend for a perfect fit!Best of luck! Would love to see a picture of your finished product!-Amanda


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