LITTLES  |  baby-safe easy DIY fingerpaint


LITTLES  |  baby-safe easy DIY fingerpaint / footpaint

baby safe = edible
easy = 3 ingredients & no cooking

Before we know it Little Miss’ first birthday will be here! I couldn’t do all of the work myself, so little MJ was given the task of invitations. 😉

Also… it was a beautiful day and I love any excuse for a messy DIY crafty activity.


After combing pinterest and mommy blogs, I found this awesome recipe for paint.

Since I wanted the artwork to be used for her invitations, or some other aspect of her first birthday party, I needed a paint formula that wouldn’t mold. {yup, that’s a thing. a nasty grossest thing that I never would’ve thought of} The recipe also had to be edible, because, baby. Andddd it had to be super simple, because, me.

baby-safe easy DIY fingerpaint / footpaint



  1. Add food coloring drops to the muffin tin then mix each with 2 teaspoons of water
  2. Mix the water and food coloring together
  3. Add 1 Tablespoon of the Non Fat Dry Milk Powder to each color
  4. Mix together
  5. Add a touch more water as needed for consistency

We painted onto white posterboard – the non slippery side – that was taped onto a tarp using painters tape.

This girl has never been anti-mess, but she wasn’t superrrr into the finger painting so we tried dancing on the paint instead!

We dropped globs of paint on the poster board and she stomped and danced and walked over them creating pretty colors and designs and ADORABLE little footprints!

Truly, the girl could not wait for this project to be over. She was much more interested in finding acorns and leaves. sigh……

Until…. she discovered the spoon!

There’s our happy girl! Eating the most tasteless – BUT AWESOME LOOKING – colored milk paint stuff ever.

The colors turned out beautifully! I went through 2 batches of 5 colors to paint the 4 poster boards. Luckily, she did get into it from time to time – making this craft-loving mommy swell up with happiness!

Her art is hanging on the porch to dry and then it will hopefully be made into fun party invitations!

Once she was all bathed and clean {which BTW was SUPER EASY!!! This paint rinses away with water} she loved looking at her artwork. All of the colors mesmerized her and all she wanted to do was touch the {wet} paint! So next time, maybe we will try painting easel-style. Thoughts?

Happy Crafting!!

// amanda macy

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