CREATE | DIY Girly Thank You Cards

As a bride {now newlywed} you learn a billion different ways to say thank you. There are ‘thank yous’ to be given every single step of the way- and believe me, each one so very deserved!!! Shower hosts, shower guests, program attendants, vendors, bridesmaids, wedding guests, musicians, parents, fiance, the list goes on. It meant a lot to me for each ‘thank you’ be unique and special. 
This series of thank you cards is a top favorite- fun to make and just so happy looking! 

DIY Girly Thank You Cards

This set went to all of my bachelorette party attendees. We had the best time and each and every girl made the trip so very special! My Maid of Honor, Lydia got the hot pink card in the middle- she put in sooo much work to make the weekend flawless and fun-filled! 
The rest of my ladies got these frilly thank you cards- they are so cute! 
I had a great time making each one of them and remembering what a fabulous time we had. 
Thank you, bachelorette ladies! I hope you know how much you mean to me!  
Hopefully, this is the first post of many where I will {finally} write about our wedding. There were so many special touches that my family, Josh and I put into the festivities and frankly…I think they are worth sharing. 🙂 {slash..I want to relive it all! yay!}
thank you- in the frilliest way possible
🙂 amch
P.S. I have considered custom making these and selling them in our Etsy shop. Holler if you’re interested and I’ll grab my calligraphy pen and glue gun! 🙂



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