design & decorate: spoonflower

{I may be late to the party…} but I just discovered Spoonflower and I am blown away at what a genius idea this is! Regular ole people just like you and me {or fancy pants designers and artists…that I want to be} can create custom fabrics and wallpapers that feature their designs. You can literally bring your doodles to life…your color, your pattern size, your print…as a pillow, a pair of curtains, a wall decal or wallpaper. Wonderful! 

And for those that prefer to just purchase…{hand raised} choose from tons of patterns already created by artists {and doodlers alike}. 

Check out my friend’s friend’s Spoonflower shop- Ann Tuck
I loooove this flower & bee print! Abstract, sweet, simple and happy

A group of bugs that doesn’t make me cringe- Ann Tuck’s wallpaper print in {Box Elder Bugs} provides a wall of dynamic color and visual interest for any room. 

Ann Tuck’s wall decal in {Lawn Posies Bold} is a quick way to add color and pattern to your home- how about your laundry room? I think so. 

Join the Spoonflower conversation and vote on your favorite ‘fabric of the week‘- this is a favorite from a couple of weeks ago. Absolutely gorgeous! Want! 

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