Newlyweds Breakfast Nook

The boxes are {mostly} unpacked and we have moved full speed ahead towards setting up our home. I feel like we have six hundred projects going on, and even more ideas spinning around inside my head. 

Yesterday I posted this little peak into our first finished project. {!}

{Our Breakfast Nook}

The kitchen in our new house has a small eat-in nook. The space is probably large enough for a small table and four chairs, but Josh and I wanted to embrace our newlywed status and create a little spot for just the two of us to enjoy. 

Naturally…it was a DIY

Our perfect-for-us breakfast nook features two cozy chairs and a small cafe table. 

Knowing I wanted two slip covered chairs and a small white table, I hit all of my go-to shops. After hours and hours and hours of researching I finally came to conclusion that we would need to put some elbow grease into this vision in order to bring it to a budget-friendly reality. 

The ideal furnishings: 

Parsons Style Slipcovered Chair: upwards of $250/each

Simple White Round Table: running around $200

I knew I could furnish and accessorize the space for less than the $700 I would spend on those 3 pieces. 

The Chairs:
A {lucky} click on CL brought me to these two chairs for $20/each. At that price I couldn’t pass them up, the cushions are in good condition, the frame is just fine and the size and shape are great for the space. 

After searching high and low for the perfect slipcover, I finally landed on the Napa Armchair Slipcover,  Long-Length in Linen Flax from Pottery Barn

The slipcovers didn’t fit perfectly so I added batting to the arms, a 1 inch cushion to the seat and stretched the fabric for length with clamps. The result is one that I can most certainly live with!

Total Chair Cost just $90/each! 
Compared to $250/each from most retailers

The Table:
We Josh built our table using two pre-cut tabletops and a table leg from Lowes. 

We Josh trimmed the table leg about 5 inches and connected both of the tabletops to the leg using 2 metal table leg plates. 
There are no pictures of the assembly process because my sweet sweet husband put the table together in secret as a surprise to me. 🙂

Large Tabletop $17
Small Tabletop {used as the base} $10
Table Leg $15
Connecting Hardware $2/each
White Paint + Gloss Polyurethane- already had on hand

Total Table Cost just $46

Circle Jute Rug, World Market, housewarming gift from Mom & Dad!
Mr & Mrs Pillows, Ballard Designs, wedding gift from The Gillespie’s
Tray, Pottery Barn, wedding gift from The Goodwin’s
Mom and Dad surprised us on move-in day with the wall shelf that I blogged about here! We looove it!

{Breakfast Nook Table & Chairs Total: $226}
I am so happy with this space, it has become the go-to spot for our morning coffee and bible reading {we are reading through Hebrews. totally random but loving it.}. I think this space will really be used often, I can see friends & family sitting there while we cook, weekend lunches and breakfasts being served, me sitting there with a glass of wine while Josh cooks for me….{pinch me}

Hope you enjoyed our first project! 

8 thoughts on “Newlyweds Breakfast Nook

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