COOK  |  Brussel Sprout Bowl

I get that Brussel sprouts have been having a moment for the past couple of years {I guess that should be momentS}, but let’s face it, who is really going through their day cravingggg these little green guys? They are still a vegetable, and they are inherently BITTER! 

I know there are a dozen or so ways to make brussels more tasty – my favorite way is here – but if you don’t have the time to sauté, roast and prepare a delicious sauce to top the greens as a side dish, this quick little brussel bowl will help you get those greens and save you time. 

Brussel Sprout Bowl {2 Servings}

1 lb Shaved Brussel Sprouts {save MAJOR time with these or prep and thinly slice them yourself}

1 Turkey Sausage Link

3-5 Fingerling and/or New Potatoes

2 Eggs

1. Cut potatoes into thin-medium sized spears and sauté in hot oil until crispy and golden on each side. Remove from pan. If needed, pop the potatoes into a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes to cook through.

2. Slice sausage into thin-medium sized rounds and sauté until brown on both sides. {save time and use the same pan you used for the potatoes} Remove from pan or scoot to the sides.

3. Toss the shaved Brussel sprouts in the pan with olive oil to crisp. Add salt, garlic powder and any other seasonings you would like. Move them around in the pan until most are crispy and all are warm.

4. Layer your brussel sprouts, then potatoes, then sausage in a serving dish and top with a fried egg. Enjoy!

Note: This dish can get too salty quickly, so taste as you go and consider using other seasonings for flavor instead of salt. Cayenne and paprika would be nice. Maybe even some cumin! And I highly recommend a runny egg yolk, it acts like a creamy sauce that brings the three ingredients together. 

See?! Wasn’t that quick!

Best of luck getting those greens! 🙂

Amanda Macy


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