HOPES & DREAMS | ’tis the season!

amandamacyhall merry and bright handmade holiday sign

Merry Christmas! The Hall’s have begun decking the halls! {I’ll get tired of that, right?} The mantle is bothering me, so I am focusing my efforts elsewhere. These two gold frames flank our fireplace and were my first-ever score from the innagural Country Living Festival in Atlanta. I spotted them immediately and carried them around with an accomplished smirk on my face all day. The size is just right, the thick detailed frame makes such a statement, and the beautiful patina gold glows against our deep gray walls.

amandamacyhall tis the season handmade holiday sign

These well-loved frames housed the most basic of #basic “DIY art” that you can imagine for well over three years – a hand painted H on burlap. {what happened?!} Taking hold of a moment of energy and a glimpse of inspiration, I {carefully/FINALLY} ripped out that tired burlap and replaced them with these two seasonal sayings. Gold sharpie and printer paper at its best!

amandamacyhall coffee table holiday style

Our beloved coffee table basket {the year-round home to magazines, beautiful books, an ever-changing collection of candles and an impressive assortment of matchstick} is feeling a bit more seasonally appropriate perched atop a dining table runner {folded in the middle to shorten its length} and stuffed with Christmassy garland. Hashtag details.

Up next… our Christmas tree & dining room table!

amanda macy hall


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