luscious leather

In preparation for a very stylish fall and winter, the events girls have all purchased some wonderful leather {“leather”} jackets. Just in case we needed any inspiration on how to wear them, I have steadily compiled a picture folder of luscious leather looks {jackets and leggings}. 

{Que Stevie’s “Leather and Lace“}

love the stripes with it

Ms. Divorced Kardashian rocking a leather jacket and casual scarf. Like the look! {hey Mason the baby!}

Olivia always looks so stylish- I like how she wears her leather leggings. Makes me want to own some. 

So you’re telling me that leather jackets will work in Summer too? Rock on! 

Hey again Olivia. Love the leather leggings with the heels.

Leather jacket makes even casual jeans day look pulled together and h o t 

Very cute! And possibly cozy too

I love that people make leather leggings look good with flats

An events team staple- the leather jacket with a sweet, girly dress

This look is adorable! 

Tough with a kitten heel. Tre Chic


So darling! Can’t wait to pair my jacket with some pops of color!

Have we met? This is THE everyday outfit for sure! 

I mean, she is holding a Chanel and wearing a cream sweater. Proof that leather can be sweet. Not just sexy. 

There she is again… {ignoring today’s headlines…focusing on the outfit}… love the jacket! I want some shearling in mine! 

So pretty Ash! 

Oh Aniston- she looks perfect in anything. And her leather looks are no different. Cozy and cute!

So, it is decided. Leather is my love for the fall & winter. {partly in thanks to the bootie looking so gross on me} Anyways- so excited to rock it! But in a sweet way 🙂 

🙂 amc


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