relaxing to celebrate

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{ ‘truly, truly, I say to you, before Abraham was, I am’ John 8.58 }

Relax. That is a word that I think of often. So often I think that I am relaxing because I am doing things that I enjoy…cooking, decorating, creating. But so often when it actually comes time to fall asleep, I struggle. My mind is racing…what should I do, cook and make next, what else needs to be done, what needs to be finished, what needs to get started.

So how do we relax in the busiest time of the year? The time when shopping lists are as long as ever and the mental log of projects is equal to it. Pinterest is alive with inspirations and messages of more, more, more, make, make, make while other social media feeds fill up with images of perfect Christmas cards and family outings. Like many of us, these images keep my mind racing and my minutes filled as I try to cram it all into my own life.

To help center my mind and spirit in this season, I have begun the She Reads Truth Advent plan. Each day of the reading brings us closer to the arrival and gives a deep and true reason to celebrate.

No one can say it like the ladies of She Reads Truth:

This is Advent: the coming of hope to the hopeless, the arrival of peace to war-torn exiles, the long-awaited exhale of freedom for generation after generation gasping for air.

Advent is the elaborate yet stunningly simple plan of God to descend to His children, to become like them in the most unexpected, unglamorous, fully human way.

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Today marks Day 3 of Advent – find the plan here or on your Bible/You Version app.

The notes above are from Day 1- I can’t get enough of them. Full of hope, strength and promise.

‘He would give grace to draw us back to Him’

‘By sending us His Son. By giving His children – us! – a Messiah. A Savior.’

‘He would become God With Us. And when His work was done, we would never be separated from Him again.’

‘O come, O come, Emmanuel’ 

Like most reading plans, devotionals and just picking up the bible- I am quickly finding that this too is a wonderful way to start and end the day.  It is on my mental PowerSheets {which I want to actually do next year!} to stay committed to reading, praying and taking notes through Advent this year.

I know that it will help me to relax which will lead me to celebrate.

{ visit for the Advent Emmanuel plan or download the reading plan on your Bible/You Version iPhone app }

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