DIY | Personalized Holiday Placecard Design

‘Tis the season for festive dinner parties!

For my anni-birth-mas gift this year {Josh term}, we upgraded our dining table. Yesssss!

I knew our former table was small {shown in this post}, but dang…. I didn’t realize just how small it was until we brought this big boy in.

Now we can seat up to 10! Who wants to come over??? Please!

To kick off the table’s new run, we hosted our annual Friendsgiving.

Honestly, I’ve never been a tablescape girl. Maybe out of lack-of-opportunity. Probably out of fear. Also, doesn’t it all just get in the way of food???

Placesettings. Now, I can get on board with that.

This crazy-simple placecard situation turned out great, I think. Hits that minimalist look but also personalized, fresh, and a little bit farmhouse.

Easy. Inexpensive. Quick!

Let’s DIY…

You’ll need:

The first step is to write the name of your guest on the tag.

You can do a modern script, formal cursive, all caps minimalist style, your everyday handwriting, etc.

I learned the modern script style from this lettering book {purchased in 2016!}.

Next, thread your twine through the name tag. Then drape the twine over the rosemary about half to one-thirds of the way down the branch.

Carefully, tie a small bow. After doing two test runs, I decided that I liked the look of long bow tails draped on the top of the tag and down the outside of the rosemary.

That was a lot of words for something so simple…

Sources + Notes:

Layer a bold napkin {floral, stripe, gingham, etc} between your two plates…

Add some food to your table and there you have it!

I hope you enjoyed this quick holiday decor DIY and consider re-creating it for your own table this season. Show me if you do, please?

Thank you for reading!
Amanda Macy Hall


Christmas / New Years Twist! Make the following substitutes for another festive look:

  • Black or Kraft Paper Gift Tags
  • White, Gold, or Silver Paint Pen
  • Evergreen Sprigs, maybe with some berries?
  • Sparkle Twine {or keep it regular for a casual balance}


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