DESIGN  |  DIY Laundry Room Makeover

Whew! Taking a small break from baby this, baby that on the blog!
Here’s a throwback to a mini home makeover project that we did at our last house back in 2014. {See the full Arrow Creek home tour here}



I’d like to think that most people’s laundry rooms become the place where coozies, coolers, placemats, and reusable totes go to die. Right? Right?? If that isn’t your case, you’re amazing and I’m jealous. It was however our case! This small space was a disorganized mess that drove me batty every single day! 

Here’s how we sorted, stored, and spiffed up that tiny laundry room space.   



We hung two cabinets, installed three shelves, placed two pre-made shelf units {they are 2 deep}, and tucked plenty of baskets and containers in to organize all of our laundry, cleaning, party, and pet supplies. The entire project took just one weekend and cost about $280! 


The laundry room in this house is right off of the kitchen, so having the room cleaned up and organized had to happen! Plus, we needed to get to every day items like the mail and smoothie cups easier. 


Cost Breakdown:

2 Lowes Concord Wall Cabinets: $200

Custom Shelves: Approx. $45 {boards and brackets}

Paint: $10 {custom ‘oops’ found at Lowes}

Hardware, Paint Supplies, Screws, etc: $25

Total Cost: approx. $280

The pets had their own little corner too – all of these items were already in the space – so all we had to do was re-organize. I absolutely love these glass canisters for dog and cat food! The top basket held all of our small to medium sized Tupperware, and it surprisingly worked really well! 


We stashed party supplies and chargers at the very top and kept cleaning supplies in the metal tub {the tub could easily be brought into the kitchen and bathrooms for cleaning}.

Everyday items were within arms reach but tucked away, and items that weren’t used quite as often had a home that didn’t hurt the eyes. Gosh, I love organization! 

Here are some before & afters of the space:

We loved that laundry room – our first real room makeover – and were sad to leave it behind when we moved out shortly after. 

Now we are working on our new house, I can’t wait to share pictures one day! 

Amanda Macy 


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