CREATE | DIY Felt Alphabet Nursery Wall Art


CREATE  |  DIY Felt Alphabet Nursery Wall Art

It didn’t take long for my craftiness to kick in after we found out that we were expecting. I knew I wanted to fill the baby’s room with art that had a meaning and story… pieces made by loving hands, found on special adventures, or created on my own.

We have chosen to not find out the gender of our baby until delivery, and though I don’t personally think that changes much in regards to the nursery decor plan {my favorite colors are white and tan afterall}, we have chosen to keep the room fairly neutral. I know, you’re just shocked.

1810 amanda macy hall

With hardly any clue what I wanted to do, but with the intense NEED to make something now, right now!!! I headed to the craft store and stocked up on shades of white, cream, and tan felt. I love this pack of colors!

Using THIS TEMPLATE as a visual guide, I free-hand sketched each letter onto the felt, careful to separate colors but not create a pattern. Then I cut each letter out with regular craft scissors,  arranged them on a piece of posterboard and glued them down with fabric glue.

Slightly time-consuming, but not much to it!
Imagine the possibilities for cute {short!} quotes, the baby’s name, initials or birth date.

// amanda macy


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