CREATE | DIY Captain’s Mirror How-To {restoration hardware inspired}

DIY Captain’s Mirror How-To
{restoration hardware inspired}
Our front room is a major work in progress, we have beautiful blank white walls and hardly any furniture for the room. We really aren’t sure how we are going to use the room yet {any ideas?!}…but we are excited to literally start from nothing to give this room life and a personality that can develop and change. 
For now one of the walls is home to our former entry way table. It was sad sitting there all alone, so we framed it up with an amazing captains mirror that we made ourselves! 
{how-to after the break}

{apartment therapy}
My inspiration came from these images, especially the Restoration Hardware version that uses rope. I like the rustic, nautical and natural vibe that the thick rope provides. However with a price tag of $650 that mirror would not be mine. Just days after longing over these images I spotted a large round mirror with a black frame at HomeGoods, I knew we could recreate on our own! 
{p.s. thank you josh surprising me and going back to get the mirror for me!}


The mirror is about 30+ inches in diameter and features a black wood lip/frame about 2 inches in width. 
{not the exact mirror…I failed to snap a ‘before’ shot}
Using the inner lip/mirror side, find the point that is equal distance from the top of the lip and the face of the mirror. Measure and mark the point on the outside of the rim. 
Drill {or have your dad drill…} your holes with a bit compatible to the size of your eye bolt. 
{Thanks Dad!}
Use 2 eye bolts with hooks wide enough to accommodate your rope. Buy an extra nut for each bolt as well.
The use of two nuts allows you to secure the bolt exactly where you want it. Ours is at the middle of the thread allowing for enough distribution of weight but not too much thread showing on the face of the mirror. 
Using 5 feet of rope from Lowes we tied the ends securing the rope to the mirror using the hooks. 
During the rope knotting part we discovered that none of us would’ve made very good boy scouts…
The mirror is hung using the hardware {d-ring} on the back of mirror and some of the weight is being supported by the rope hung on a wall hook. {playing it safe!}
We are so very happy with our new mirror- the look compliments the rest of our home and provides a great focal point for our work-in-progress front room. 
DIY Captain’s Mirror, Restoration Hardware Inspired
Materials/Cost Breakdown:
30″ Mirror, HomeGoods: $30
5 ft  of 5/8″ Rope, Lowes: $2.15
Two 5/16 x 3-1/4 Eye Hook Bolts, Lowes: $1.16
2 Extra Hex Nuts, Lowes: $0.40
Hook, Ikea: $2 
Total Project Cost: $35.71

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