the marriage of furniture

Marriage is the union of two people. And their furniture. 

Husband furniture. You’ve heard the stories. 

Luckily my husband didn’t come with any fooseball tables, beer banners or a giant video game collections connected to his hip. Whew! 
Well, there is this one leather recliner….more on that one day. 

And two cookie-cutter-furniture-company tiny brown wood and whicker tables (read: boring). 

The little marriage tables got a quick quick quick makeover and have been re-purposed to be our coffee table! 

Now this was a crazy easy project and quite frankly- I did a terrible, horrible, very bad painting job {patience issue}- but I love the little edge details and just had to share! 

We found these metal corner caps on–very inexpensive and reasonably easy to install {ish…}.

They really do frame and ‘finish’ the tables nicely

I love the fresh white paint on the tables- they pop on our rug

As it turns out, the strangely small size is perfect for a stack of books and a lovely basket

In furniture marriage- you paint until you make it work. 🙂 
I just made that up, I am positive it isn’t universal….beer posters and video game collections cannot be fixed with white paint. Such a shame. 

Welcome to the Hall family cute mini tables!
Spotted- SUPER cute Mr Mason the Dog doing what he does best. Sleeping and slobbering on our couch and blankets. 

I do. 
🙂 amch


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