Before & After: Goodwill Dresser Refurb Project


{Goodwill Dresser Refurb Project}
Our first married people DIY project {I think…bad memory} was born out of a complete storage NEED! Being the wannabe DIY-ers that we are, we instantly knew that we would salvage someone else’s furniture discard instead of purchasing a new {probably IKEA…} piece of furniture. Let’s save money and bond, shall we? 

We lucked out! On our first trip to Goodwill we found this solid wood castaway. Great height, loved the amount of drawers and couldn’t beat the $30 price tag. Without a moment of hesitation, we loaded it up and took it home. 

We immediately knew that we wanted to white wash it; we were going for a neutral looking bedroom and wanted the piece to have a mis-matched look against the rest of our {currently…} dark brown bedroom furniture. 

I believe we gave it two dry-brushed coats of a shade of white called Almond. I wanted the original wood to come through- I love the paneling detail. 

The old drawer pulls were quickly replaced with these great oil-rubbed-bronze pulls from Lowes. Each pull was about $4 a piece- a price tag that these first timers were surprised by- but this is exactly the look I was going for and I was so excited to find them!

I didn’t give the piece a top coat- but once we move I probably will go back and add one. Just to be safe. Gotta take care of our first baby! 🙂

We are so happy with our first project! 
dressed and ready
🙂 amch


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