HallSchool : Social Distancing + Learning at Home

It’s social distancing time! Since school is out for the next two weeks+, so I figured I needed to put some framework around our days.

Let’s be honest, this is for my mental health first. And the education of my children second. 😉

Just general outlines and ideas. We’re not being too serious here.

Will we do all of this? No. Will we have lots of free play and random movie and toy times? Yes.

As I was typing it up and linking activities from my Pinterest boards; I figured I’d just use this blog post as my working document.

Also, something went crazy towards the end and I am not able to fix it or finish the list right now 😉 Hopefully later… I’ll let you know when its final!

Please feel free to give me any ideas and help me fill in the unfinished parts! There is a comments section at the very bottom.


Segments contain lists to pick and choose from. One per day will more than enough, I think.

Books and most activities are linked. Watch items are from a quick YouTube search.

Breakfast with Devotional / Bible Story:

Circle Time

  • Expectations for the day
  • Day of the Week
  • Month of the Year
  • Date of the Year
  • Year
  • Weather
  • Season
  • What state do I live in
  • What city do I live in
  • What neighborhood do I live in
  • What street do I live on
  • How am I feeling today
  • Special act of kindness: 
    • Make a trail mix snack for Daddy
    • Mail a note to our great grandparents
    • Make a bag of toys and books to donate
    • Make an encouraging bookmark to put in a library book
    • Make a video message for your grandparents
    • Make cards for elderly neighbors


Snack with Mini Devotional


Little Kid Focused Activity:

Visit my Pinterest Board: Littles | Activities for Younger Toddlers
MJ (4 year old) pretends to be A’s (17 month old) teacher. Hoping this is a way for my oldest to not take over an activity for my youngest 😉

  • Pipe Cleaners in Colander
  • Smush Painting in Gallon Bag
  • Animal Tape Rescue
  • Get out all of the building blocks
  • Make paper tunnels for cars
  • Pom Pom Games
  • Animal Rescue in Water Table (water + cornstarch)
  • Animal Line Up on Painters Tape
  • Pom Poms in Whisk


Nap (17 month old) + Quiet Time (4 year old)

Mom + MJ (4 year old) Time

  • Highlights Magazine
  • Activity Books (letter tracing, cutting, mazes, etc)
  • Sewing
  • Lego Building

Story Time with Snack

Learning Activity

Finish anything from the morning. And/or do Virtual Learning Sessions from zoo’s, aquariums, museums, music classes, Sunday School, etc.


Dinner Prep

Gathering ingredients, Cutting, Sorting, Measuring, Seasoning, etc. 

Dinner + Bedtime Routine


In My Heart

Read: In My Heart, Dear Girl, Dear Boy, How Full is Your Bucket

Watch: StoryBots Emotions, InsideOut Guessing the Emotions, Sesame Street Name That Emotion

Fact Book: Name and describe emotions

Science: Water play about filling your bucket

Dance and Sing: YouTube

Craft: Heart Sequencing

Tuesday: St. Patrick’s Day

Watch: Pete the Cat – The Great Leprechaun Chase, How to Catch a Leprechaun, Veggietales – St. Patrick

Fact Book: Talk about facts we learned and add them to our fact book. 

Science: Walking Water Rainbow Experiment with Predictions Worksheet and Sunday School Lesson

Dance and Sing: St Patrick’s Day Songs on YouTube

Craft: Leprechaun Masks and/or Leprechaun Handprints

Activity: Rainbow Scavenger Hunt  ; Rainbow Clues Scavenger Hunt; Green Scavenger Hunt with Art Bar Tracing Extensions

Body / The 5 Senses / Movement

Watch: StoryBots Body Parts

Read: My Amazing Body,

Fact Book:


Dance and Sing:



Nature / Flowers

Read: Make It Grow, The Earth Book, We Are The Gardeners


Fact Book:


Dance and Sing:



Adventure + Imaginary Friends

Read: Where the Wild Things Are, The Adventures of Beekle, Henry’s Bright Idea


Fact Book:


Dance and Sing:

Craft: Make a map, Create an imaginary friend mix mediaActivity: Letter Scavenger Hunt, Build a Fort

Party Hosting + Cake Baking

Read: Honeysuckle The Little Bunny

Watch: Educational Bakery Video on YouTube

Fact Book: Steps to hosting a party or baking a treat

Science: Bake a cake, Pouring “tea” water play

Dance and Sing: Happy Birthday!

Craft: Layers of Cake Mosaic Art

Activity: Party Play Set {free download with code KIDSATHOME}


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