COOK  |  39 Ways to Use Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter

The fall season hits Trader Joe’s like a ton of bricks – what won’t they flavor with pumpkin spice? Cat food, I’m looking at you.

A long time fan of their original cookie butter, or speculoos as the super nerd foodie fans call it {slash people that can read a label…} the pumpkin pie spice version is intriguing and mystifying! Along with Pumpkin O’s, Pumpkin Ravioli, Pumpkin Butter, Pumpkin Oatmeal and a traditional can or two of puréed pumpkin, I grabbed a jar of the creepy colored mystery butter.

Much like its year-round pantry staple cousin, Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter is most similar to a peanut butter. Just sweeter and more fun! But… What do you actually do with it? I mean, I know how to maneuver a spoon… But there has to be more…
39 ways to use trader joe's pumpkin pie spice cookie butter amanda macy hall The Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter label gives a small handful of suggestions by my crazy-can’t-sleep-pregnant-self has added on…

  1. Frosting on a cookie
  2. Topping on an ice cream sundae
  3. Mixed in a protein smoothie
  4. Made into a milkshake
  5. Spread on a waffle
  6. Smooshed in a banana panini
  7. Warmed in a s’more
  8. Swirled into chocolate fondue sauce
  9. Topped on celery for ants on a log
  10. Spread on an English Muffin
  11. Spread on a bagel
  12. Whipped into cupcake or cake frosting
  13. Topped on a warm muffin
  14. A dip for pretzels
  15. Stirred into hot oatmeal
  16. Mixed with overnight oats
  17. Incorporated in a peanut sauce for noodles
  18. Added to no-bake energy balls
  19. Blended into ice cream
  20. A dip for apple slices
  21. Added to homemade caramel popcorn
  22. In an Asian-inspired raw veggie dipping sauce
  23. In an Asian-inspired sauce for chicken, green beans or steak skewers
  24. Dip your Oreos in it, please
  25. Stuffed in french toast
  26. substituted for peanut butter in classic peanut butter cookies
  27. Substituted for peanut butter in a peanut butter pie
  28. As a filling for cupcakes
  29. As a filling for donuts
  30. Mixed into baked donuts
  31. Swirled into brownies
  32. The filling for whoopie pie cookie sandwiches
  33. Made into homemade peanut butter cups
  34. Made into homemade truffles
  35. Mixed into hot cocoa
  36. Worked into Rice Krispie treats
  37. Added into homemade granola bars
  38. Swirled into homemade fudge
  39. And… It’s current use in our home? A simple spoonful makes a satisfying 4am snack for this hungry mamma-to-be  +  #HallidayBaby agrees!

Share your ideas or tell me what you’ve tried!

// amanda macy




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