HOPES & DREAMS  |   Having a {small} Fall Moment

There’s no better time than a drizzly and overcast Sunday to get excited about a new season.

Our home is still quite new to us {we moved in this past April}, so I am still trying to figure out where everything goes and tweaking the decor as I go. Add on the fact that we are expecting our first baby in December, I am doubly obsessed with every nook and detail. Where should my favorite chair go? Does this art go with the vibe of this room? Does that frame really make an impact in that spot? Could I store baby books, toys, blankets, etc in that basket? Now this room needs a basket, and that room! Point is, every little space is a work in progress. BUT I LOVE IT! I don’t know if this is what they call nesting, or just the joys of a new home, but I am all in!
With all of the adding and editing and re-editing of every little space, I just wasn’t ready to fall-ify the whole place. So the house features a couple of small fall moments – but the scent of fall candles is burning strong throughout the entire home!

I love love love these hand towels, gifted to us from my Mom – the texture, the simple colors, the FRINGE! It will be so difficult to store them away once winter arrives.

Easily the most asked about piece in our home – this wall shelf. It was a housewarming gift from my parents – for our last house – but I believe it is still sold at Hobby Lobby.

While the coffee mugs are really just decorative {we prefer big mugs for actual use}, the upper baskets are quite functional! They offer a wonderful home for fresh veggies, extra garlic and shallots. Plus the upper shelf works out well for decorative items!

fall tablesetting basket amanda macy hall

Our dining room table got a treat for fall – a burlap runner, large natural basket, gold rimmed bowl. the other hand towel and this super-sized acorn {another great gift from Mom!}. So simple and it makes me so happy!

happy fall!
{although my friend says….’fall is not a holiday, it is a season’}

// amanda macy


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