CREATE | DIY Fall pom-pom tree

fall pom pom tree

The first year after getting married – fall decorating was S-I-M-P-L-E! Our Rehearsal Dinner had a fall theme- pumpkins, mums, twigs, acorns and leaves abundant. We just transferred it all from the event location to our dining room, mantle and coffee table!

Those items were all perishable, so I am starting from scratch this year. This little craft didn’t take a lot of time or brain power, thank God. It’s Sunday, the day of rest after all. I think my fall pom-pom tree turned out great! It’s cute, unique and just colorful enough.

CREATE  | DIY fall pom-pom tree

Here’s how I made it:


I used gold and carrot colored yarn, bronze/brown craft wire and two sizes of forks- dinner and serving.


step 1

Wrap the yarn around the fork 50-60 times tightly

step 2

Using another 3ish inch piece of yarn, tightly wrap and knot the yarn  bundle together.

step 3

Slide the little yarn bundle off of the fork and snip the loops.

finished pom pom

Fluff and trim and you have cute little pom poms! See, so quick and easy!

add stems

No need for gluing or tying knots…just stick the wire into the center of the pom pom and you have stems! Cut the craft wire at different lengths and consider connecting stems by twisting together. I used 16 and 18 gauge wire which is quite flimsy, but that was all that was available. This product would’ve been PERFECT and much cuter!

photo 5 (3)

Insert twigs and small branches into a tall cylinder vase, then begin to layer in your pom pom stems.

photo (2)

Play with the heights and colors until you’re happy with your fun little fall pom-pom tree.

photo 3 (3)

I think it is fun against a window looking out over the real trees with their colorful leaves {this is in my parents house}. It’s home at our house will most likely be on our mantle amongst our collection of glass jars, cake stands and layered frames.

Here’s to hoping I will add in more seasonal touches to our home 😉

signature 2


Use your leftover yarn for this DIY Fall Yarn Tassel Garland decor project!


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