COOK  |  39 Ways to Use Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter

The fall season hits Trader Joe’s like a ton of bricks – what won’t they flavor with pumpkin spice? Cat food, I’m looking at you. A long time fan of their original cookie butter, or speculoos as the super nerd foodie fans call it {slash people that can read a label…} the pumpkin pie spice … More COOK  |  39 Ways to Use Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Pie Spice Cookie Butter

because “thanksgiving dinner” should happen more often

It’s Thanksgiving week and I’m clearly obsessing over it {diy decor post here, food post number one here}. Yes, it’s about the giving of thanks, yes, it’s about the quality time spent with friends and family and yes, oh yes, it’s about the food. Thing is, I can’t keep “thanksgiving food” -as they call it- … More because “thanksgiving dinner” should happen more often

ramblings: green drinks, good books + great dishes

Hello, I love you, I miss you. But really…its all true! I love this little blog of mine but living my life {the horror!} has been sucking up all of my time.How about some random Friday ramblings? Did you know that mornings are like so way totally more awesome when there are homemade green drinks and … More ramblings: green drinks, good books + great dishes

love between 2 slices

Are we Instagram friends? {we should be! @amandamacyhall}   If we are, you have noticed that Josh and I recently acquired a love for paninis. As a former sandwich-loather this has been a big step for my brain and my belly. Not sure when or really even why…but I have been stiff-arming deli meat smushed between sliced … More love between 2 slices

halfway there

If you’re like me and the majority of Americans…you probably woke up this morning with a tiny headache and a bloated belly. Don’t let that ruin your day or week. Let’s get back on track!  Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries would make a great afternoon snack {via Clean Eating Magazine} Tofu Pad Thai for a quick … More halfway there

sweet sundays

Like everyone, I love Sundays. From Slow Sundays to Sunday Fundays and every other type of Sunday in between. This weekend Josh and I ditched Atlanta for the quaint little towns of Chickamauga GA and Chattanooga TN. It was a wonderful escape and we drank in every second of the weekend. I will share more later. Right … More sweet sundays