guilt-free sweet treat | Mexican Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

Lately I have had my fill of failed healthy recipes found on Pinterest. Bland, mushy sweet potato fries followed by utterly disgusting buffalo cauliflower. Both promised to be life-changing and both proved to be just plain bad.  Third time must be a charm because the popularly pinned ‘Mexican Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding‘ actually tastes quite … More guilt-free sweet treat | Mexican Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding Recipe

getting back in

Allllllriiiiiight……….Summer is about over and the wedding is just over 1 month away. I started 2012 off completely focused and energized to get fit and healthy- and I did great! I saw and felt amazing results! Then summer came along, wedding busyness cranked up, pool parties, patio dinners and happy hours followed. I was able to … More getting back in


I thought after my novel of a post earlier I was done blogging for the day. That was before I stumbled upon this awesome infographic… Eat Breakfast! Is it just me or does seeing facts turned into pictures make it so much easier to “get”? Speaking of food, are you still eating lean, clean and … More wait…

sassy & sweaty

You’re working out, you’re eating clean and you’re drinking protein shakes. You’re noticing results {yayyyy!}…but sometimes you need more to keep you goingTry switching up your go-to workout outfit. Just like wearing a new dress, a different workout top and shorts excites your mind and gives a boost! Check out these two products that are super … More sassy & sweaty

they’ve done it again

Another exciting product launch from my Tone It Up trainers! Less than one hour ago… TIU debuted their Perfect Fit Protein powder 🙂 Keeping it clean, each delicious serving of vanilla Perfect Fit Protein is – Organic – Gluten-Free – Raw – Vegan – Non-GMO – Sugar-Free – Fat-Free – Dairy & Lactose Free – Soy, … More they’ve done it again

beach babe

You all have heard me talk about Tone It Up many times before {the online training program I joined in January}By following their plan and The Eat-Clean Diet {via Tosca Reno} I have been changing my eating and fitness lifestyle. And it is awesome, I love them, and I know I talk about this all … More beach babe

reading & resources

For me, the only way to really get behind something is to read read read about it! I am that girl that will study product reviews and google everything. And as I get more committed to the clean eating lifestyle, I have been researching away! It is the researching that has affirmed my desire to … More reading & resources

clean cooking

What have you cooked for me lately? ooooh oooooooh ooooh yeah! I had a long weekend and I feel like all I have done is cook, eat and run {all to the sounds of Ms Janet Jackson! hence my first sentence}. What have I cooked lately? Well, if you remember I am on this clean eating kick … More clean cooking

prepping for healthy

Sticking to a New Years resolution- or in my case: a new healthy lifestyle- calls for plenty of new habit prep time. So during my winter break, I have been practicing healthy protein-packed recipes! As you know, cooking is one of my favorite things to do, ever! And while I have stockpiled the pantry and … More prepping for healthy