prepping for healthy

Sticking to a New Years resolution- or in my case: a new healthy lifestyle- calls for plenty of new habit prep time. So during my winter break, I have been practicing healthy protein-packed recipes!

As you know, cooking is one of my favorite things to do, ever! And while I have stockpiled the pantry and fridge with some pre-made healthy foods {hummus, cut up raw veggies and fruits, greek yogurt, etc}, this girl still has just GOT to cook!!!

Lately, each morning {err 10 a.m.} has started with hot & fresh
-Protein Pancakes-
The healthy batter 

Yummy chunks of fresh bananas, oats and blueberries


 The result! These are so good, and so very filling!
{Check out the recipe at}

My first fruit AND vegetable smoothie!
-Bounce Back Smoothie-

Load up the blender with kale, cucumber, bananas and strawberries

Top it off with some organic apple juice and a TIU secret ingredient 😉

Blend and enjoy! It actually tasted way good and I am excited to have another tomorrow!
{full recipe on}

Tonight’s healthy dinner!
-Teriyaki Glazed Salmon with Roasted Asparagus-

I got to really cook!
I made a sweet & savory {& slightly spicy} healthy glaze for my salmon.
Ingredients: diced onion, minced garlic, red pepper flakes, light soy sauce, organic honey and a splash of organic orange juice

Reduce the ingredients down into a glaze and top the raw salmon

 Bake the salmon and asparagus in a  350 degree oven. Asparagus for 30 minutes & salmon for 15 minutes.
Oh yes! Enjoy this super tasty and healthy meal!

Wish me luck on keeping up this healthy habit during the work week!

🙂 amc


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