quinoa, kale & confusion

The clean eating has begun! Tonight I even got to cook {I was very worried that I would have to give up my favorite hobby, cooking, to get healthy- but it seems that I don’t! yay!}

Stir Fry Veggies with Tofu Potstickers over Quinoa

The cast of characters: 1 cup of quinoa, a bag of frozen stir-fry vegetables {I am sure I will find out later that those aren’t healthy…} and a bag of Green Chopsticks tofu potstickers {yeah, same with those- they were in the organic aisle though?!}

A wonderful co-worker and friend gave me a set of the most precious measuring cups for Christmas. This one was the perfect vessel for the quinoa. Too cute!

I made the quinoa while stir-frying the veggies then the potstickers in my wok. The whole thing came together very quickly! If you have your quinoa already made- this is easily a 6 minute recipe.

Bonus! It tasted great and was filling. I put a bit of siracha on it for some extra flavoring, but the veggies and quinoa gave great texture to the dish while the potstickers brought the savory flavor. 

-{next recipe}-

Kale Chips

The other night I was intrigued by kale {huh?!} so I bought a bunch {it’s cheap!} however I wasn’t quite sure how in the world to use it {major “huh?!?!”}. Luckily my Kardashian obsession kicked in and I was reminded of kale chips! {bonus points if you know what I am referring to here…}

I want.

A quick google and bake and I had my very own batch! I loved them so much, I am making more tonight to put in baggies for snacks.……Snacks that will be eaten by just me…. Josh says they taste like burnt newspaper. The girls at work took one look and threw up in their mouths. Weak. 

Cut the leaves off of the rib and then into 1 inch chunks. No need to be specific here.

Gorgeous right!!! 
Drizzle with some EVOO and I like to sprinkle on a little bit of italian bread crumbs {just a little bit} and a little shake of sea salt. Roast on a baking pan for 20 minutes or so in a 275 degree oven until crispy with slightly browned edges. 

Like this! Ta da! 

Try these recipes out and let me know what you think!
🙂 amc


One thought on “quinoa, kale & confusion

  1. hey! I am on the tone it up plan also (new member) and I feel like I have so many questions about what I can eat and can't eat! I am blogging my journey as well… maybe we can follow each others blog?www.justkeepsweating.comI also have a twitter account @carlyn_grace so we can tweet each other!


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