getting back in

Allllllriiiiiight……….Summer is about over and the wedding is just over 1 month away. I started 2012 off completely focused and energized to get fit and healthy- and I did great! I saw and felt amazing results! 
Then summer came along, wedding busyness cranked up, pool parties, patio dinners and happy hours followed. I was able to Eat Clean about 75-80% of the time and my workouts became 3 or 4 rides a week at FlyWheel studio. Not too shabby, I can’t beat myself up about any of that. However, my focus needs to be re-set in a major way starting NOW. NOW AMANDA! No more un-clean eating and back to the weight room I go. 

To start back up—I found these resource PDF’s that offer great information on the Eat Clean diet lifestyle and the ladies at Tone It Up emailed out this week’s workout plan. 

Time to get back on track- let’s go! 

Eat Clean Diet PDF Resources

Tone It Up is doing a challenge right now called “Beach Week”
The girls have laid out workouts for every morning and evening. Read more on their blog here.
Sadly, I didn’t do a workout this morning, but I am #EatClean prepared for the day. I will catch up on the workout tonight. 

This is going to be a challenge- just about every single evening is packed with some sort of wedding meeting or giant wedding to-do list; but being healthy and feeling {and looking!} good is important to me- here’s to fitting it all in! 

wish me luck
šŸ™‚ amc


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