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For me, the only way to really get behind something is to read read read about it! I am that girl that will study product reviews and google everything. And as I get more committed to the clean eating lifestyle, I have been researching away! It is the researching that has affirmed my desire to eat this way. From blogs and books to magazines and websites, many hours have been spent learning all that I can. It is the knowledge that fuels the commitment. 

My go-to resources:

This is where it all began! I saw Tenley and Michelle {from the Bachelor…} tweeting about ToneItUp workouts and meals. I googled my way into their little piece of the world wide web and have been obsessed ever since! I am a member of their diet plan, I do their YouTube workouts {so convenient!!} and love all of their inspiration and challenges! 
Follow Karena and Katrina on Twitter @ToneItUp
This is Tosca Reno’s website- I can’t remember her full story but she writes for Oxygen Magazine and has completely adopted this lifestyle. She has written tons of books and the website is great for inspiration, facts and recipes. I just picked up one of her books last night- so easy to read/understand and very factual. She will make a believer out of you! 
Follow Tosca & The Eat Clean Diet at @ToscaReno and @EatCleanDiet

Yahoo! There is a magazine about this! Clean Eating Mag is a part of the Oxygen/Tosca Reno family {I think…} and is packed with recipes and articles all about eating clean! I have a hard time finding the magazine- but typically see it at Publix. P.S. their website is a great resource for recipes! 
Now this is a true blog! I like this website simply because it reads like a blog of her life- her stories, her accomplishments, her tips, recipes, etc. She seems like just a regular girl with a typical life- so she is easy to relate to and inspiring! 
Follow Chelsey @CleanEatingChel

FitSugar is a spawn/sister to PopSugar, the celebrity gossip site. So I wrongly assumed that the site would be fluffy and pathetic. Turns out the information is great and very easy to read! It is not all clean eating focused- but the site is very interesting. I love the videos!  Follow @FitSugar
Great recipes and basic lifestyle info! Plus they recipes on twitter throughout the day- great for “what’s for dinner” inspiration!

Great recipes, product reviews and tips! Reads like a blog so that makes it more interesting! Follow @JoyCleanEat

Let me know what you think & if you know of any other people/companies that I should follow! 

Happy Monday! 
🙂 amc


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