ready for the week!

Plan. Plan. Plan: An INTEGRAL step to success! 

This is my week! Just writing it down gets me amped! 

Last week the Tone It Up girls wrote out workouts for Monday through Friday, morning and evening. Who knew such an easy step would be so helpful?! Lucky for us, they did it again this week! Check it out here then modify to your schedule- write it in your planner or post it in your house! 
Let’s stay on track! 

Do you have the Beach Babe DVD yet? The TIU girls have challenged us to some of those workouts {I’m a sucker for selfless promotion and product plugs 😉 }… they are difficult but rewarding. 

My favorites:

Get ready for a BURN OUT!!! Similar to Pure Barre and Fly Wheel arm routines, this routine uses light weights to tighten and tone your arms till their breaking point. My arms get so hot that I seriously think you could fry an egg on them. 

The booty…a workout dvd staple. We all want it. This video will get us there. {Bonus it’s way more than just lunges and squats!}

Let’s get it this week! 
🙂 amc


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