beach babe

You all have heard me talk about Tone It Up many times before {the online training program I joined in January}

By following their plan and The Eat-Clean Diet {via Tosca Reno} I have been changing my eating and fitness lifestyle. And it is awesome, I love them, and I know I talk about this all of the time so blah blah blah

Anyways! The TIU girls just released their first DVD so I have to share! 🙂 

{Visit the dvd website for more details & fun behind the scenes vids} 

The DVD includes 7 workouts {seven!!! yay!}: 

  • Surfer Girl, a fun toning workout to strengthen your core and arms, slim the thighs, and lift the booty (24 min)
  • Bikini Sculpt, perfect to fit in your day to tighten and tone, burn fat, and to have your ultimate summer body (40 min)
  • High Intensity Interval Training, the best type of routine to burn as many calories at once and to increase your metabolism (20 min)
  • Summer Arms, a fine toning arm circuit with Karena that will expose your sculpted arms and shoulders (12 min)
  • Bikini Booty, a routine that is sure to focus on lifting, toning, and shaping your backside perfectly for that bikini (10 min)
  • Bikini Abs, a fun workout with Katrina to slim the waistline, tone the lower and upper abs, all while strengthening the core (15 min)
  • Long & Lean, relax on the beach with Karena while elongating your body and increasing circulation (10 min)
If you order online, you get the digital downloads of each workout, so you can workout right away at home! {my plan for the night, yessss!}

I am OBSESSED with the bikinis they wore during the videos!!!!!
They are sooo cute and like nothing I have ever seen before. The line is Maaji. Here are some of my faaavorites!

cute print combo

love the colors and stripes

so original!!!

my favorite one! 

too cute detail

i think the girls wore this exact one- i love it

oh and “cover up” with these precious little shorts 😉

don’t you just want to snatch up all of the suits?!! visit their website to link to some online retailers. and don’t forget to download the new TIU Beach Babes DVD

cheers to being a beach babe! {one day……?}
🙂 amc


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