How I Intentionally Derailed My Morning Productivity to Change My Heart

My everyday process that frees me from feeling like an instant failure and helps me recommit to myself, my worth, my family, my home, and my life each morning. Yeah, it sounds dramatic for what it is… But it works and that’s happy drama for my life! Plus, I hope you make it to the end to see my alternative blog post title. … More How I Intentionally Derailed My Morning Productivity to Change My Heart


I Am Enough

  These words jump off the page with such strength for me. These are words that I know I will come back to time and again… for reassurance, for motivation, for comfort, for hope. I hope you enjoy this little bit of Monday inspiration, as well Quote by Wm. Sparks Smith, shared with me by … More I Am Enough


  hello, 2014! I just finished the Lara Casey 2014 Exclusive #PowerSheets Webinar and {typical after reading/listening to Lara} I am energized for the new year! If you’ve poked around this blog a bit you probably know that 2013 wasn’t my very favorite year… but there is no use in looking back. I am feeling … More #powersheets


welcome to the new home of my blog and welcome to fall. Oh it’s just so cliché to talk about a new season and a new outlook on life and new this and new that and yada yada yada. But…it’s just too hard to sit here watching the trees change colors as my sweet and … More welcome

more fully myself

  I must have read this post from Jesus Calling a dozen times before writing it out to lock into my mind.  “I designed you to live in union with Me. This union does not negate who you are; it actually makes you more fully yourself.” 

the perfect life

{written september 8, 2013} There are a couple of moments in my life where it very clearly dawned on me that I dealt with things differently. One night  in college, my girlfriends and I were hanging out in the apartment drinking wine and talking about sorority life, school stresses, dating and our relationships. I sat … More the perfect life