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You may have noticed that I started a little handmade jewelry shop on Etsy.com last month, it’s a simple little shop that I enjoy filling with whatever beaded and tasselled creation happens to pop out of the right side of my brain. I have had the good fortune of selling some of the pieces to sweet, sweet and supportive friends and family. Most of the purchased designs benefitted Susan G Komen for the Cure- Greater Atlanta {read more here & at the end of this post} which allowed me to be able to give a little bit back to my community and to a mission that I identify with and believe in.

Well my mini agreement to donate 15% of my sales to Susan G Komen for the Cure- Greater Atlanta lasted from October 15 to November 15 {today} and every day leading up to the ‘end’ I felt kind of bummed that this helpful little tiny fundraising project would eventually come to a close. But alongside my ‘bummed’ feelings were thoughts of hope that maybe just maybe I could do a little bit more.

every little bit glitter

I prayed and prayed and prayed asking God ‘what can I do?’, ‘how can I make a bit of a difference?’ and ‘is this little jewelry making hobby possibly a means to helping someone else?’

I believe that my questions are beginning to be answered. A dear friend of mine introduced me to an event where I could sell my jewelry and 15% of the sales would benefit a local hospital- Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Since we are being so very honest in this blog post of mine {and all future posts- it’s my new vow to my new blog}, I will tell you that the idea had me frightened and it still does! I feel unworthy and unprepared… completely lost and scared to fail! But these feelings have me drawing closer to the Lord…hmm…I bet he had that one planned all along 😉

When the feelings that ‘I am not capable’ arise I am met with the idea that ‘every little bit’ of effort, of funds, of love and of time count towards making a difference in someone else’s life. With this thought at the forefront of my efforts I am going to start donating 15% every 15th. What does that mean? On the 15th of every month {or two months…} I will switch gears to another local charity and give 15% of the sales in my Etsy.com shop, A. Macy Hall, to their benefit.


the reema collage{The Reema Necklace is finally up and available in my Etsy shop + a ‘holiday’ version!- www.amacyhall.etsy.com}

While I want to be able to give the highest dollar amount that I can to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta {and all future charities}, even if I only raise $5 that is $5 that is going to an organization that has the power to make a real impact on the lives of others. And that is encouraging to me! It gives a bit of purpose to my jewelry designing project and allows me to learn more about the organizations in my community. PS. I would love to hear your charity ideas!

ELBC Susan G KomenOhhh the biggest hug and thank you to Judy, Jasmine, Melinda, Diane, Lauree, Patty, Rebecca, Sallie, Cigi, Kelley, John and Brooke for making my first ‘Every Little Bit’ donation happen! Each of you have such wonderful hearts for others and are personal inspirations for me.

Another big thank you to Jane and her team at Komen Atlanta for the opportunity- support and encouragement! What a special group you are and ohhh what a wonderful organization you work for! Mom and I’s faaaaavorite part of this organization is that seventy-five percent of all funds raised by the Affiliate stays in Atlanta to fund breast health programs for women who would not otherwise have access to screening and treatment. That is huge and is such a blessing to our community!

Especially in this season of thanks and giving, it is my hope that we can all think about what we can do to help others- and give every little bit that we can.

Okay, and one more giant thank you to  y o u 

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