My Morning Basket

Good mornings do not just happen. Good mornings are created.

For me, at least. I’ve talked about how this pad of paper helped pull me out of my PPD funk. It’s been 7 months since I began that incredibly effective habit and I’ve now graduated to a more complex, yet simple, morning routine. And guys… this one is allowing for the most amazing personal growth.

I began on December 31. Promptly missed it on January 1. But woke up without a headache 😉 on January 2 and have been going strong for a month now.

Gosh, how I wanted to share my morning routine, especially this container “kit” that I created, all throughout January. But, I wanted to give the routine a really strong go first.

It’s been a month, so here ya go. Here is the routine and the contents of the basket that lives in my AM quiet time spot:


Before I go to bed, I make sure my desk is cleared off and all elements of my basket are accounted for. This one basket contains every single item that I use for my morning skin care routine and quiet / prayer time routine. All in one place. All together. No fumbling. No wasting time going back and forth to different rooms.

You’ll learn what those items are throughout these steps…

I set my tea mug {this one is my very favorite}, my travel tea mug {only ever this one}, and water bottle {these with these straws} on the counter by the stove.

I set out two peppermint tea bags and a lemon packet {for the water} right next to them. I fill the kettle with water. These can be noisy tasks so I do them at night when I’m not as scared of the kids waking. They are also easy things to do at night when time is less precious.


Maybe crazy, but I don’t use an alarm. Between 5:45 am and 6:15 am each day, my body wakes me up. I put on my slippers and my house jacket and walk into the kitchen.

I turn on the kettle and walk to my little desk that is nestled in a corner of our living room.

I wipe my face off with my ACV and a cotton pad and apply under eye cream.


Also known as “the brain dump.”

I start with my Simplified Planner. Because my brain is already thinking about the “where, when, and what” of the day, I need to get those items out on paper before I can move on to the good stuff.

Next I turn to the monthly tending list in my PowerSheets. Using colored pencils, I quickly shade in the progress bars for any goal progress that I made the day before. Yay! I’m feeling accomplished! And/ Or I’m feeling encouraged to have a better day today.

These two tasks have now created a brain and soul space for me to focus on growth and dream of my vision for my day.

I pause to spray my face with witch hazel, brush my hair and pull it back with a clip, scrunchie or headband. {yup, I really am typing out the step by step}

And usually my tea is ready now, too.

The third thing I do is fill out my daily prayer journal. I use this booklet because the format works so so well for me. Sometimes this is a good time to do it and sometimes I prefer it later. Totally a head space thing. I’ve been bouncing around on when to use this, but my routine is never complete without it. It’s possibly my favorite part of mornings.


Now I’m sipping my hot tea, I’ve put all the other books away, and it’s time for my devotional.

I rub my face serum into my skin and open my book.

In January I completed The Finishing School by Val Marie and it was beyond incredible. Highly recommend! For the next ten days, I’ll be working through Hope Unfolding by Becky Thompson. I have a running list of devotionals and books I want to read this year {most of them have been collecting dust on my bookshelf. But this is their year!}. Do you want to see the reading list?

I read my book slowly. Legs crossed and covered in a cozy blanket. Sipping my hot peppermint tea. Underlining words, phrases, and thoughts that resonate with my soul.

Using a notebook or the book’s worksheets, I journal my thoughts on the reading and answer the provided prompts. This is where I learn so much about myself. Oh, reflection and growth are so so good.


Here is the hardest part for me. I’ve had seasons where I’ve felt so connected to God and seasons where I wonder if anyone is listening. And by seasons, sometimes I mean days. Haha. Every day is different. But I’m dedicated to practicing.

If I haven’t already filled out this daily prayer journal, I do it now.

Then I open this Prayer Journal from Val Marie Paper. It is very different from my daily journal. Very.

Also, yes, my Prayer Journal cover says 2018. Yup, it’s currently the year 2020. In 2018, I completed January and July only {read: “and” not “through”}. So, I’m trying it again! I taped notecards over the 2018 content to add 2020 content.

Three things about this journal.

  • Right before each month begins, you find some time to list out your prayer content. There are prompts. Of course, you can add to each section when you feel led.
  • There are some pages about “how to pray.” Take it or leave it, but they’ve been eye opening to me. It’s even something I’m teaching MJ as we pray together in the evenings.
  • I’ve labeled each page with a day of the week. So on Mondays I focus on the world and my community and by Friday and I am working through my prayer list of personal monthly goals. {which were created using my PowerSheets}

Then I leave both pages of the prayer journals for the day open on my desk. And I pray.


If I’m lucky {and I woke up early enough} I can now go into MJ’s room and help her wake up in a good mood. 😉

If not, I join the family in the kitchen where we are beginning our day with breakfast and music all together.


My morning routine. Ideally, I spend an hour in this space. Did you just grimace and laugh? Thinking you could never do that? Yeah, it does sound like a long time. A major commitment.

But guess what is worth so so so much of your time? Personal growth, connecting with God, learning through reading and journaling, and prepping for your day. Beginning my days at my pace, with focus, and with great intention, and peace and quiet 😉 are what creates ‘good mornings.’

It grounds me. It keeps me patient. It drives me to act out of love. Sure, I still fuss and get frustrated and experience moments of stress many mornings. But I 100% know that the work I am doing in myself in the mornings is.. well.. working. Progress is evident.

Moms, wives, single ladies. Your other titles and roles don’t matter here. Putting in the time to connect with yourself {and God if you’re into that} is where the magic happens. It’s where you become the best version of yourself.

Stop looking at others, quit comparing, don’t attend your pity parties, throw away the excuses. {Talking to my 2019 self} The time we have here is unpredictable. The time we have is precious. Use it wisely with me, okay?

I hope that reading my routine helps inspire a routine of your own. What parts are you interested in adapting into your own life? Will you create your own morning routine basket? I’d loooove to hear! So I can cheer you on!

PS: Do I skip mornings? Yeah, almost every single Saturday so far 😉 But you know what I don’t do? Feel guilty. I pick it up the next day {or maybe even that afternoon or evening}. Let your soul lead you and listen to your body. My guess is that you’ll begin to crave this special time like I do.



Beauty Products: {note: my skin care routine is here}

Hair Products:

  • Hair brush
  • Headband {protect your hair from face serums as they soak in}
  • Assortment of scrunchies and hair ties

Divided basket {formerly used as a diaper caddy} available here.

Some posts contain affiliate links. This in no way affects the product choices that I make.


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