hello there {round 2}

amandamacyhall.com … I’ve missed you. So, hello there!

This blog, which began in 2012 as ‘What Hopes & Dreams Are Made Of’ {the explanation to that sarcastic title can likely be found in some archives} has collected quite a bit of dust since it’s last post in November of 2016. Lots has happened since then, and it’s time we reconnected, friends!

Since that final post, my daughter turned One, and then Two, and then Three, and in a few months will be FOUR! And in between those birthday celebrations I … left corporate America, spent some time in the non-profit world, experienced a miscarriage, learned a whole lot about myself, gained a passion for mental health, became a stay-at-home Mom, began a part-time job that I adored, welcomed an amazing baby boy into our family, became a full-time stay-at-home Mom, endured a difficult year of feeding issues with our son, celebrated his FIRST birthday, and most recently had my gallbladder taken out {that just happened last Friday}. It’s been a lot and also just a little and this blog will be a space for me to share more details.

So why now? A few weeks ago I was approached by a sweet company asking me to do a collaboration with them. After instantly asking if the message was a mistake {somehow it wasn’t; so that’ll be fun!} and then letting the idea of ‘turning on my blog’ sit on my heart and mind for a while… here we are! So, hello there!

Well I guess it wasn’t that simple. I let it slip out in conversations with God here and there. Afraid to really ask. Ever been there?

I’ve always been that girl that is “100% in” or “I’m failing at it.” Sigh. So I think this will be a special challenge for me to simply do my best. Do what I can, when I can, as much as I want, as little as I need. And be comfortable with it. Let’s type that again, Amanda, ‘be comfortable with it.’

Today I got some clearer signs to fire this blog back up. A beautiful message at MOPS and a tiny little conversation with my fantastic hair dresser. I’d barely sat down when she completely randomly, like COMPLETELY RANDOMLY, suggested that I should ‘be one of those bloggers!’

Little did she know all I had to do was re-set my password on a .com from 2016. Thank you, H. God spoke through you today, girly!

So What’s Next? Some of my go-to favorite posts, of course! Recipes I’ve been loving lately {spoiler alert: they have 75% less ingredients than my pre-parenting days, ha}, maternity and baby products that I am thankful for, and some birthday party pics and decor posts. And this time around, I’d like to share more personal stuff, too… So, yeah… we will do that, too.

Feel free to go hang out in 2012-2016, it’s all still here! I have a hunch this category may interest you


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