LITTLES  |  IKEA Baby & Toddler Favorites: $50 and Under!

IKEA Baby & Toddler Favorites
budget-friendly, space-saving essentials
$50 and UNDER!

Baby stuff can cost a fortuneeeeeeee! Luckily, our Sweedish friends aren’t down with that. They’ve infused their simplistic, economical ways into the baby, toddler and kid world and this new-Momma couldn’t be happier.

I may work in the high-end designer world, but my real life is alllll about some IKEA hacks and essential LACKS. I love the white, I love the plain lines, I LOVE the room for personalization!

Anywho – here are our FAVORITE IKEA products for baby! + some that are on our wish list 😉

Hooded Towels
There’s nothing cuter than a little infant in a hooded towel. Just is what it is! We love the IKEA towels – very absorbent, cute, inexpensive but most of all – bigger than most baby towels! So important!!!

I don’t fully understand why/how/whyyyy we go through so many washcloths with Little Miss, but I’m glad that I can grab a 10 pack of simple, white ones {with a little loop for hanging!} for just $4.

Highchair with Tray
Look, I love baby products. I love innovation. I live for new designs and product updates. Live. For. Them. {Tradeshow background maybe???} For 9 months of pregnancy I scoured stores and websites looking for a great highchair. I wanted white, sleek, collapsible, easy to clean, not a million dollars. Turns out, that’s a tall order. So I never registered for a highchair. I just couldn’t find anything that fit my criteria. This cheapie buddy ended up fitting the bill and becoming one of my favorite baby things! An unbeatable price + low profile + insanely easy to clean. I actually HIGHLY recommend this thing!

House Toy Shape Sorter
All the toys. I think Mom & Dad get bored with her toy selection before she does…. Current favorite is the little wooden house block sorter.

Rolling Cart
This workhorse keeps moving around the house and getting more and more useful!

  • It has served as a breastfeeding station holding water, snacks, my phone, tissues, burp cloths, creams and blankets. It has served as a diaper changing station holding diapers, wipes, creams, paper towels, and other hygienic items. For a little
  • It has served as a diaper changing station holding diapers, wipes, creams, paper towels, and other hygienic items.
  • For a little bit it hung out in the toy room holding books, toys and stuffed animals.
  • But now it is in our bathroom. It stay tucked away behind the door and we roll it out for Little Miss’ bath time. The top holds soaps and shampoos, middle holds washcloths and hooded towels, and the bottom holds bath toys. The trays are perforated {not the right word} so toys can drip dry if necessary.
  • I think one day it will make a fun craft cart too!

Stuffed Pig + Cactus + Vegetable Set
Too stinkin’ cute.

White Crib Sheets
$10 /2 pack
I have a feeling that as Little Miss grows up, changing sheets will be a constant activity in our house. At this price, I had to grab some to stash away for emergency situations. I am thinking it would be fun to do a tie dye project with them – is that safe? Off to research….

Wearable Blankets
Plush, cozy, and soft. At a price you literally cannot beat! The stores carry larger sizes as well – YAY! This is the only product that keeps our sweet little girl warm, cozy and ASLEEP through the night!

Vegetable Balls & Medallions
You can count on our Sweedish IKEA friends for meatballs! Check out the chicken and vegetable versions too! We keep them on hand for easy snacks and meals. Tasty too!

IKEA Baby & Toddler
Wish List! 

Plates, Bowls, and Cups

All. The. Toys.
So many fun wooden toys options! Stacking rings, hammering blocks, bead roller coasters, cranes, trucks, and boats.

Toddle Wagon/Walker
I just love how simple and cute this guy is! Those larger wheels could be great for backyard play.

Activity Table
I’ve seen lots of hacks for creating a table like this using other inexpensive IKEA tables, but now they have done the work for you! With two places for bins this can become a sensory table super quick! Small toys and balls become a search-and-find activity when the bins are filled with sand, beans, jello and more. Or bring this table outside and fill with water for an inexpensive water table in the summer! Fill the bins with crayons, stickers, and beads for a fun craft storage table. And imagine the possibilities with legos and toy cars! The top has two removable boards so the table can be used for art, eating, and more as well.

Play Kitchen
Crafty parents can get their interior design on with this simple play kitchen set. Just ‘pinterest’ IKEA play kitchen hack and get ready to be flooded with inspiration! Make all of your adult kitchen dreams come true. Hello, gold hardware and navy cabinets.

I have high hopes for crafty kiddos. This easel features a chalkboard side, whiteboard side, and optional attachment for a roll of painting paper. Yes, please.

Doll House
Another reason to get my interior design on – this incredibly basic house is ready to be customized and designed! Once MJ is ready for a dollhouse, I’m pulling out the wallpaper samples and getting tiny house crafty. SO. EXCITED.

I’m raising this baby on star keys and cartoon instructions.
//  amanda macy

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