recipe review: Mustard Butter Popcorn by Heidi Swanson

{recipe review: Mustard Butter Popcorn by Heidi Swanson}

Did you know that Popcorn is one of my very favorite foods in the whole wide world? It’s true. 

Since the ‘Clean Eating’ revolution hit the Hall household I have learned to pop my own kernels old school style on the stove top. It’s my new favorite food trick. 

Anywho. Mom gave me this beautiful cookbook from Anthropologie for Christmas. Isn’t it gorgeous?!

The book is jam packed with lovely recipes. I naturally headed straight towards the Popcorn recipe. 

I was a bit wary to add anything other than olive oil/butter and salt to my popcorn…but I was feeling adventurous. 

Plus the recipe starts with 4 tablespoons of butter…how bad can it be?

Grab the gorgeous book for the full recipe but basically you pop the popcorn using the regular stove top method {substitute butter for your go-to oil} then add a delicious browned butter mustard sauce. 
{sauce: browned butter + Dijon mustard + salt…melt melt melt brown brown brown wisk wisk wish}

Drizzle the beautiful butter sauce over the popcorn when it is fresh and hot. Mix to incorporate the deliciousness over every single hot kernel. 

Serve warm and enjoy! 

Josh and I liked the hint of tang and depth of flavor that the browned butter and mustard sauce gave the popcorn. It was a welcomed change to our go-to every day popcorn. I would love to serve this as a little party snack and since the recipe doesn’t take any more time than normal- I am sure that we will toss the sauce on our popcorn pretty often! 

Movie night upgrade!


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  1. Hey girl!!Great to hear from you- thanks for the compliment 🙂 The salt jar is from Target- I got it back in the fall so I'm not sure if its still there. But their new Threshold line is super cute- it probably has something similar! Let me know if you find anything! -Amanda


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