Favorite Things for Baby | 2018-2019

Hi! As a follow-up to My Favorite Things 2019 post {see it here}, this is a list of my favorite baby things!

In September of 2018 we brought home our second baby. We got extra use out of lots of favorite items from our first-born… those posts are linked at the bottom. But plenty had changed in he baby world in almost 3 years, so these are the things that were new-to-us this year.

I could seriously list a million things {I’m a product person, can you tell?} but I held back and only chose the things that truly stood out to me. These are the items that we relied on and fully recommend.


  1. Vava Nightlight. Seriously, my #1. {nothing else is in order} We have one in each kid’s room. Small, sleek, white. Cool and warm light options {team warm}. Varying levels of brightness. Works with the tap of your hand. It pops off it’s charging base so you can take it to other parts of the room {night diaper changes, medicine dosages, feeding, soothing, etc.} MJ can use it independently.
  2. Tubby Todd All Over Cream. A dream for Austin’s tough-to-manage newborn skin.
  3. Amazon Brand Mama Bear Diapers for newborns to size 1. Free of harmful stuff, excellent fit. All white. Great price.
  4. Target Cloud Island Diapers. We moved to these at size 2 when A became too squiggly for that cinched back of the Amazon diapers. I love how they fold in thirds so they are very compact! They fit great in our diaper caddy and my bags.
  5. Parker Baby Diaper Caddy. Most attractive option I’ve seen yet. And crucial for staying organized in other parts of our house. Would make a great gift.
  6. Lovevery Play Mat + Play Kits. Love these!!! Beautiful, thoughtful, well-made, safe, educational. Love. This. Brand.


  1. Taking Cara Babies. Watch her instagram stories, study her blog and instagram posts. We also took her sleep course for babies 4 weeks – 5 months. Loved it. Learned so much. Wish soo bad it had been around for MJ’s baby phase. PS: My husband took the course with me and also follows her on IG. I’m so grateful that we are on the same page on this subject.
  2. Oilogic Sleep Sheet Spray. I believe in the power of lavender and this one is excellent. Slightly hard to find – I grab it whenever I see it at Walgreens, Target, and Walmart.
  3. Whish and Rohm. Most beautiful white noise sound out there. The Whish version of the Marpac White Noise Machine is great, much louder than the original version. The Rohm was my lifeline for naps and soothing when out of the house. Unfortunately they can be glitchy so we’ve gone through a few. But I still love and recommend them.
  4. Ollie Swaddle. All swaddles are not created equal. Finding the best fit for not only baby, but also whomever is going to be doing the swaddling is pretty key. This thing is SO GOOD and fuss-free.
  5. Hannah Anderson for Amazon Sleepsack. I’ve tried a bunch and this is the softest, warmest, and most durable for my price point. Also, love those navy stripes. My second favorite is the down one from IKEA, if it ever comes back…


  1. Mommy’s Bliss Constipation Ease. If A was constipated, he wouldn’t eat. One dose of this and usually within an hour to two, things would be moving again. It was approved by Austin’s GI, gentle, and available almost anywhere including Amazon.
  2. Disposable Syringes and Medicine Cups. Washing the sticky residue isn’t my thing and I don’t like the idea of running them through the dishwasher. Also, they make me feel like a cool doctor. 😉
  3. Bapron Bib. I wish this was the only bib we owned. The fit is fantastic. It’s non distracting. Cleans easily. Protects soooo much of his clothes.
  4. EZPZ Cup. Love it for teaching babies to drink out of an open cup. Although disposable medicine or mouthwash cups do the trick, too.
  5. These Silicone Feeders. I loved making frozen {fruit, yogurt, etc} pops for A. They were very helpful for some of his feeding issues. I now use them for teething. Note: I tried 4 versions of these and the one’s I linked have the best handle for little hands {they will still hold it vertically from the side parts}


  1. Travel Hand Sanitizer. Everyone brand, Trader Joe’s Brand, EO brand, Hello Bello brand. Lots of good options out there.
  2. Best Baby Bag. I’ve used it since day one with A. Every once and I while I try to use something else, but nothing nooooothing is more effective for us. Also, great price and color options change seasonally.
  3. 3 Pack of Pouches. Big one for baby, medium one for toddler, and small one for me. They hold the essentials and live in my backpack. I’ve used them every single day for over a year now, going strong! I have the black dot print.
  4. Packing Cubes. Each family member has a set in their own print/color. So helpful for packing kid’s clothes for trips and makes staying organized while away from home super simple.
  5. Boppy ComfyFit Baby Carrier. Loved it! Used it from day one to about 4/6 months. So easy for me to put on all by myself. Comfortable for baby and me. Easy to clean, packs small. I have the black.
  6. Ubbi Travel Changing Mat. This mat resembles a yoga mat thanks to it’s easy-to-wipe material. Plus it’s on the thinner side which means it’s much easier to fit in your bag. I even use one in the living room.
  7. Disposable Bibs and Disposable Placemats. I don’t mean to be so wasteful, but this phase just kind of calls for some disposable items for us. I keep two sets in my diaper bag at all times. While you’re at it, doggy bags are in there too for yucky clothes.
amanda macy hall

Up until January of this year, I worked for Project Nursery. Gah, I loved that job! Right before I left, I turned in this blog post which features a few more of my current favorite things. You can read it here.

First-Baby Favorites from the Archives … that are still favorites!!!

  1. Baby’s First Toys – Registry Favorites! 0-3+ Months
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  4. IKEA Baby and Toddler Favorites
  5. Essentials for Starting Solids: Helpful Products for Baby-Led Weaning

Whew, that was a doozy. Pleaseeeee, say it was helpful 😉

Let me know if you have any questions! I love love love baby stuff!

Thank you for reading,
Amanda Macy Hall


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