HOPES & DREAMS | Gift Guide: Lovely Little + Super Thoughtful Notebooks & Journals


HOPES & DREAMS  |  Gift Guide: Notebooks & Journals

Woooo!!!!!! It’s time to shop! As if we needed some sort of seasonal excuse…. amiright?! Well, I am alllll about gift giving and finding meaningful and original gifts is an exciting adventure for me!

I’m a pretty basic girl come Fall/Winter, which means I can be found suffocating under an over-sized plaid scarf, sipping some ridiculous flavored hot coffee, and toting around a bag with probably more than one journal, notebook, or calendar. Can I really help it though? And as the fabulous Samantha Ponder once said, “is being basic bad?!” No ma’am.

Ok , speaking of that caffeinated beverage, it’s time to put it down and get back to the admiration at hand… Lovely Little Notebooks



His & Hers Leather Foil Stamped Journals by Whitby

Founded by a college sorority sister, this uber-chic company is more than just makers of luxurious and timeless fashion accessories. Each of their products features special design elements created by students affiliated with partner organizations in countries around the world like Haiti, Iraq, Thailand, and Peru. This socially-conscious company is ‘dedicated to abolishing modern-day slavery and human trafficking through the funding of girls and boys educations around the world.’

I get so fired up for products that serve the greater good! And as if you needed another reason to support Britt and her mission, the line is beyond stunning! Pick up the black men’s journal inscribed with ‘his destination is greatness’ or the pink champagne women’s journal foiled with the message ‘she thrives’ for $27 each and support a life-changing cause.

SHOP: https://www.whitbyhandbags.com/shop


Creative Custom Paperpack Pretties by May Designs

Go the custom and creative route with May Designs! I remember discovering this company way-back-when during my tradeshow days and falling.in.looooove! I couldn’t get enough of the personalization and you can’t beat that price tag. Choose from dozens and dozens of super right-now cover prints like watercolors, bold stripes, florals, feathers, shibori, and more +  collaborations with female favorites like Britt Bass {pictured} and Emily Ley.

Create journals for note taking, workout schedules, meal planning, sketch pads, coloring books, gratitude journals, to-do lists, calendars and so much more. Then write your own journal title and choose from plenty of shapes, colors, and fonts to make each book the perfect gift for your girls!

SHOP: https://www.maydesigns.com



A Handbook for Life by Cultivate What Matters // Lara Casey

She’s good! She’s so good! Lara Casey, now Cultivate What Matters, has done it again with another beautifully thought-provoking product. This prompted journal inspires intentional writing, soul-searching, and creative freedom. Likely on every lovely lady’s gift list – help create memories by encouraging their ‘Handbook for Life’ journey this year. And next year, or whenever! – they will have what is quite possible the single most special gift to give to their loved one. {PS: Promptly Journals is a semi-similar concept with a baby book twist. Such a beautiful gift for new parents! Shop here}

Learn about the mission and message for this journal here.

SHOP: https://shop.cultivatewhatmatters.com

What’s on your list this year?

//  amanda macy


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