LITTLES | Our Top 5 Favorite Baby Toys 6-9 + Months


LITTLES  |  Our Top FIVE Favorite Baby Toys

Age 6-9+ Months

Gosh this girl is growing fast! She LOVES exploring everything around her – this little one is interested in just about everything: people, pets, cars, food, shoes, everythingggggg and of course… her toys! We are still loving mostly everything from this post and this post, but have added some new fun to the mix:

VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker – Learning Farm 
MJ LOVES this thing!!! She’s obsessed with the phone, loves to open and close the barn door, and spin the cogs. She pulls up on it and plays with it while standing – recently she began to walk/run behind it! So fun! I’m really glad we bit the bullet and brought this into our home – she looooves it.

Boon Dive Bath Tub Appliques
Ours are no longer sold. Looks like they’ve been replaced with this version.
These are fun in the bath, but really Little Miss is obsessed with using them as a teething toy. The shapes are cute, colors are awesome but best of all {knowing that these would spend their days shoved in her mouth….} they are BPA free, phthalate free, PVC free and don’t absorb water reducing the risk of holding mold and mildew. The little holes are great for attaching links and straps {Side Note: These straps are the BEST BABY THING EVER!} so that these toys can travel with her!

Hape – Pound & Tap Bench with Slide Out Xylophone
We love watching MJ explore this toy! She’s obsessed with the hammer and loves to pound away on the xylophone. She chases the balls all over the house too! But seriously, that hammer is a MAJOR favorite of hers!

IKEA MULA Shape Sorter
Right now we love putting the blocks in the box and taking them back out. Keeps her pretty entertained! She loves the green roof.

Wooden Blocks
MJ’s Grammy has a beautiful and bright set from Battat that MJ adores – she even has a favorite block! I love the creative non-traditional shapes and the colorful prints are too cute. She found the block set at Target, I cannot find them right now – but here is a similar set from Hape.

Favorite Books of the Moment:

God Bless You and Goodnight
A dear dear friend gifted MJ with this book for her half birthday {so cute right!}. This is easily my favorite book – I love the rhymes, the message, the length and the illustrations. This will be a cherished book in our family for years to come!

Where the Sidewalk Ends
Josh and I have begun reading these silly poems to MJ before bed – there aren’t stimulating colors or images – but the stories and rhymes are so very fun! We love love love reading them and using silly voices. This book is helping us to make some pretty special bedtime memories with our Little Miss.

Would love to hear about your favorites!
Our first  birthday and Christmas are coming up fast!

//  Amanda Macy



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