LITTLES | Our Top Seven Favorite Baby Toys 3-6+ Months


LITTLES  |  Our Top Seven Favorite Baby Toys
Age 3-6+ Months

Adding on to our list of baby favorites {see the 0-3 months list here} – here are some of the books and toys that our little girl is loving lately!

Baby Mozart Magic Cube Musical Toy
The music isn’t that bad! The lights are fun and the buttons are easy to smash. Plus, it is a good size, so Little Miss can use it to help her stand up.

Battat Bath Toys
Update: I no longer recommend these IN THE BATH because of the risk of mold growth.
We now use and love these in the bath – so easy to keep clean!

Oh my goodness! We have {what feels like} a billion of these CUUUUTE little critters! They are purely ADORABLE! Great size for MJ to grab and hold – and they are fun in the bath and out! I seriously love these guys – and so does she! The starfish is an MJ favorite.

JellyCat Tails Soft Book
These books are as good as they get! Soft, bold, and bright – plus the fun textured tails are great for feeling and grabbing. The geniuses at Jelly Cat even added a strap so this book can travel along with us!

ComoTomo Ring Teether & ZoLi Bunny Dual Nub Teether
These are our two favorite teethers. They both have great handles and can reach wherever she needs in her little mouth. I especially love that the shapes allow me to slip a toy holder or strap onto them for on-the-go.

LouLouLollipop Teething Toy Holder & Baby Buddy Secure-a-Toy Strap
These LouLouLollipop beauties help us take our favorite teethers and toys with us wherever we go! If you’re looking for a less expensive item – the Baby Buddy straps are AMAZING!!!!!!! We have tons of these – I use them to attach toys to restaurant high chairs, shopping carts, car seats, strollers, anything! I love that it keeps toys off of the ground and allows Mommy & Daddy to not spend all of our time picking up toys when we are out 🙂 Selfish? Nope.

Infantino Textured Ball Set
A no-brainer, these have been great for teaching MJ how to pick up and hold objects of different sizes. The textures are great for her to discover and she is obsessed with the yellow one for teething. Must-have toy!

Oeuf Plush Bear
ohmygosh so soft!!!! What else do you need to know?! 😉

Favorite Books of the Moment:

A good old classic, it’s fun to read a story every once and a while and cuddle with our bears.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
We are Eric Carle L-O-V-E-R-S! We have a couple different versions of this book, soft/board/puppet/etc, and they are all just so cute. I’ll never get enough and hopefully, MJ will feel the same way!

In My Heart: A Book of Feelings
I’m obsessed with the theme of this book. I think it is so important to embrace different emotions and learn about their effects on ourselves, our situation and others. Seriously, this is clearly a sticking point for me. We will be reading and discussing this one with MJ constantly! Right now- she likes the pretty colors 🙂

The Going to Bed Book
Pretty much anything by Sandra Boynton is an instant-favorite. But this one takes the cake in our house! Such a silly and fun read

Happy Playing!

Amanda Macy


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