HOPES & DREAMS | 4 Best Stranger Friends That Changed My Life

4 Best Stranger Friends That Changed My Life There are countless friends, family members and acquaintances that have shaped and changed my life – and all of them deserve so much praise. They’ve spent time getting to know me and are able to tailor conversations and advice to precise moments in my life. Mmm so … More HOPES & DREAMS | 4 Best Stranger Friends That Changed My Life

LITTLES | Pregnancy Must Haves: Education

Throughout my pregnancy, I kept a running list of the things that helped make my pregnancy more enjoyable. I’ve tried to really pare it down to the must-haves because of course there were dozens of little tips, tricks, people, and products that helped with each changing week! I’ve categorized the ‘pregnancy must haves’ into three … More LITTLES | Pregnancy Must Haves: Education

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You see an empty spot in a room, a little space sans style, what is your go-to decorating solution?  Consider a stack. A book stack.  I am a book hoarder {that doubles as a Kindle lover}. Design, fashion, suspense novels, cookbooks and beach reads alike…I love to read them and I really love to decorate … More read all about it

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I’m turning into a hippie… an educated hippie though Click for a wonderful list of food books from NourishLife.org  Currently reading: I know I already told you this… But it is really great! Josh is currently reading Michael Pollan’s latest title Food Rules.  On our/my summer reading list: I am sure it is racy, I … More read up