COOK  |  creamy spinach spaghetti with roasted tomatoes

 It’s not every day that I stick to a recipe, and it’s not every day that my version actually looks like the Pinterest picture. Also, one. pound. of. spinach!!! 🌱🌱🌱💪🏼  //  #eatclean #sodelicious creamy spinach spaghetti with roasted tomatoes > eats well with others RECIPE + these aidell’s chicken meatballs  Decadent, fresh, and filling. Add it … More COOK  |  creamy spinach spaghetti with roasted tomatoes

COOK  |  Sweet Potato Hash with Sausage & Eggs

  Gotta love it when your leftovers were even better than the first go round! A wonderful way to greet this cooler fall weather – sweet potato hash with sausage and eggs. Make it this weekend!  //  chopping these + browning sausage with herbs de provence + roasting garlic rosemary sweet potatoes 🍴 the best … More COOK  |  Sweet Potato Hash with Sausage & Eggs

COOK | Pasta with Peas, Basil, and Broccoli 

a reallyyyy really green version of broccoli, shells and cheese 🌱🌱🌱 // #onepotpasta #quinoanoodles Pasta with Peas, Basil, and Broccoli > adapted from this Martha Stewart RECIPE but… I subbed snap peas for frozen peas and spinach for broccoli. I would suggest adding in more aromatics – maybe a diced onion or shallot at the same … More COOK | Pasta with Peas, Basil, and Broccoli 

COOK | Red Lentil Dhal

@pinchofyum for the win, as always! My first try at both lentils and curry and it turned out sweet, spicy, warm and delicious! Red lentil dhal served over steamed brown rice and spinach with curry coconut milk baked chicken 🍴🍴🍴 // #highlyrecommend #evendadenjoyed #leftoversfordays Easy Red Lentil Dhal > Pinch of Yum RECIPE // amanda … More COOK | Red Lentil Dhal

COOK | Pan-Seared Grouper with Balsamic Brown Butter Sauce

Sad because this picture is terrible, horrible, very bad. Happy because this recipe was sooo super delicious! Seared tilapia (fresh grouper wasn’t available) over sautéed kale with a balsamic brown butter shallot sauce. Thankful I never throw away my old @southernlivingmag issues!  //  #happytohavehomemadefood #nourish Pan-Seared Grouper with Balsamic Brown Butter Sauce > Southern Living Magazine … More COOK | Pan-Seared Grouper with Balsamic Brown Butter Sauce

a friendsgiving recap

Oh wow it feels like the holiday season! Parking lots are jam-packed, the grocery store is a disaster zone and any spare time you thought you once had has suddenly evaporated into thin icy cold air. Oh but isn’t it just the BEST time of year!!! 🙂 This past weekend we hosted the third annual … More a friendsgiving recap

sweet sundays

Like everyone, I love Sundays. From Slow Sundays to Sunday Fundays and every other type of Sunday in between. This weekend Josh and I ditched Atlanta for the quaint little towns of Chickamauga GA and Chattanooga TN. It was a wonderful escape and we drank in every second of the weekend. I will share more later. Right … More sweet sundays

time to cook

This weekend Josh was telling a cute little story about how I used to cook for him all of the time and how now… I never do. Yeah, real cute story…right?! Not so much.  It really is sad though! Cooking is one of my all time favorite things! Why have I stopped??? I am totally … More time to cook

breaking happy news

yeah yeah yeah, i JUST pressed “publish” on my last post…. but tweeting about this super exciting news is just not enough!! i must blog about it too!!!two of my loves are having a baby!!!! {umm….this probably isn’t what you think…ha} the mother is: Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman i love her, i love her, i … More breaking happy news