time to cook

This weekend Josh was telling a cute little story about how I used to cook for him all of the time and how now… I never do. Yeah, real cute story…right?! Not so much. 

It really is sad though! Cooking is one of my all time favorite things! Why have I stopped??? I am totally that girl that finds chopping garlic, sautéing meat and roasting veggies very relaxing and therapeutic. Honest!
So, if it wasn’t enough that Josh has reminded me {and a large group of our friends that were listening…urgh}, my daily {and FABULOUS} emails from The Pioneer Woman and my pinterest “yumminess” board have all slapped me in the face and reminded me “Woman! You best get back in that kitchen!”
Here are some dishes that I hope to whip up soon {p.s. carb alert!}: 

TPW Lemon Pasta: 2 things that I cannot get enough of!!!!!

lookin fresh- veggie crepe

zucchini and feta appetizer- for the next party!

more TPW pasta! I’ve actually made this before {valentines day 2011}- it’s a winner! gotta do it again!

i can always be sold on a sweet salmon dish

i told you i like pasta! this yummy looking TPW red pepper pasta has been on my to-do list for much too long

Time for me to get into the kitchen! 
I hope to report back someday soon that I have been cooking again 
🙂 amc

4 thoughts on “time to cook

  1. It wasn't that large a group. If I remember correctly, it was just Robert and Heidi. However, if it's going to get you cooking more again, then yeah, TONS of people heard it. 🙂


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