breaking happy news

yeah yeah yeah, i JUST pressed “publish” on my last post….
but tweeting about this super exciting news is just not enough!! i must blog about it too!!!

two of my loves are having a baby!!!! 
{umm….this probably isn’t what you think…ha}

the mother is: Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman
i love her, i love her, i love her. {remember when i gushed over her book that i read at the beach?}

& the father is……. {drum roll}
 The Food Network!

Ree’s new show “The Pioneer Woman” premiers on August 27th {little bro Tiller’s 20th birthday} and this is SUPER DUPER exciting to me! Read more here about the show
If you do not subscribe to The Pioneer Woman Cook’s daily emails, you are truly missing out on the funniest and yummiest thing to ever hit your inbox. sign-up today. for me 🙂

P.S. I love Ree’s Marlboro Man {and the recipes geared for him a.k.a. “cowboy food”, they are always my favorites, what can I say…this girl likes meat & potatoes!}
This girl also likes her own Marlboro Man 🙂 who by the way was an absolute dreamboat {yea, i just said that} during Market. He just keeps getting nicer and sweeter and funnier and more caring and hotter by the minute. I’m giddy!

Yay for the Marlboro Men of our lives and for Ree Drummond’s new Food Network Show “The Pioneer Woman”!!!!!
🙂 amc


One thought on “breaking happy news

  1. hey amanda! i thought i posted a comment on a previous post but i just looked back and couldnt find it, so i guess it didn't post. anyways, im not sure if you know who i am or not, but i think we had classes together at gcsu. i saw your blog on facebook and just wanted to tell you that i love it. i love the pioneer woman too, and am super excited for her show!!


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