My Skin Care Routine | Minimal Steps and Low Cost!

I’ve had my fair share of skin woes for as long as I can remember. And while I’m not out the woods yet {is that even possible though???}, I have been shocked at how well my skin has responded to this routine.

To my GREAT surprise, my skin has responded quite beautifully to this routine.

I still struggle from time to time with congestion and flaky spots {I blame makeup}.

But within the last few months I’ve noticed that I’ve had the confidence to leave the house without any face powder on! This is a really cool thing for me!

Short Story: I went to the dermatologist for my skin check and skin care advice in May of this year. They prescribed me all sorts of JUNK that was filled with ingredients I wasn’t comfortable with and it was expensive. So, I tried an organic line of products I found at Whole Foods instead.

In July, I happened to catch some IG stories from Young House Love about her skin care routine. And all her follower’s success stories! My routine wasn’t feeling like the best fit for me, and her’s is just so approachable and cost-effective… I hardly had anything to lose.

It’s insanely simple and I love how low-cost the products are.

Last week (mid November), I went back to the dermatologist and they were so pleased with my “clear” skin! I told them my routine and asked if I should tweak anything.. they said “No! This is working so well for you, keep going!” They did say that I can add a Vitamin A/ Retinol at night a few times a week if I am interested. I have this one that I am considering.

Anywho! Here’s what’s been working! It’s a close adaptation of what Sherry from Young House Love does, but I had to make a few minimal changes after some trial and error.

Plus, this list version is much easier for me to read and remember.

I keep this printed in my bathroom, but now it’s just like muscle memory.


  1. Wipe face with watered down Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar. I pre-mix it in a travel-sized spray bottle, then spray onto cotton rounds or a dry washcloth.
  2. Eye Cream
  3. Mist Thayer’s Witch Hazel over face once ACV dries. Love the spray version
  4. Apple a thin layer of organic coconut oil on face if extra moisture is needed *December 2019 – Current Update: I am using this inexpensive serum during the day. It is soaking into my skin better and feels more moisturizing for the winter season.
  5. Jade Roller


  1. Remove eye makeup
  2. Remove face makeup with coconut oil and warm wet washcloth
  3. Add more coconut oil as a moisturizer

in the evening after removing all makeup

  1. Sunday: Microneedle
  2. Wednesday: Tinkle Face Razor
  3. Friday: Tinkle Face Razor


I have to say, I was fully skeptical of the jade roller, face razors, and the microneedle roller. But after just a few uses, I was a believer! Especially the microneedle thing! Although the tinkle race razors were an instant infatuation, once I figured out how to hold it best in my hand.

I especially like the microneedle roller. It takes a bit of getting used to, but I can truly see a difference the morning after using it. I use it at night and allow plenty of time for my moisturizer {coconut oil.. but a bit more than usual} to soak into my skin. You’re doing it right if your face appears flush for a few hours after using the roller. Supposedly! Also, the next day, you may want to skip your ACV step, but not always.

I do not have a ton to say about the jade roller, because honestly… I could be better about using it. I used to keep it in the kitchen so that I used it while the kids ate breakfast… maybe I should do that again. I do think it reduces puffiness in my eyes and cheeks.

Now the Tinkle face razors… these are the real deal! Looking for instant satisfaction and results? These are for you! Once you get the hang of it {how you hold the razor in your hand}, you’ll literally see the dead skin coming right off. When you’re finished, you are left with such soft and smooth skin. Oh my goshhhh, it’s good. My coconut oil soaks right in and I wake up with really lovely skin. For ickiness reasons, these are one time use. But an unbeatable price for the results.

I’d love to know if you’ve tried any of these products or this routine! Anything you’re thinking of trying?

Also… do you have any foundation / powder recommendations for me?

Thank you for reading!
Amanda Macy Hall


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