My Favorite Things 2019

It’s almost time for Favorite Things parties! Just in case it’s helpful for you as well, here are the things that have been my go-to’s all year round.

Some things are new-to-me this year, and some I’ve had for years and years.

Also, I have a product need at the end… I would love your input!


  1. Ello Travel Mug. Keeps drinks very hot for hourssss. Also, doesn’t spill when tossed into a bag! The gunmetal one looks so sleek.
  2. Ello Glass Straw Tumbler. Excellent for my breakfast smoothie at home or on-the-go.
  3. Amazon Brand Kid’s Straw Cups. Love these for anytime the kid’s need a cup outside of the house. Great price for the set.
  4. Mini Food Processor. I’m never cutting onions again. {+ Trader Joe’s jarred minced garlic keeps me from cutting garlic, too}
  5. Organic Peppermint Tea. This stuff has made me {GI} feel so much better! I start and end each day with a hot cup. Religiously.


  1. This skincare routine from Young House Love {yup, the home decor blog}. Here’s my version {it’s printed out in my bathroom} My skin is finally living its best life. Plus, this products are so inexpensive.
  2. Tinkle Face Razors. Technically this is part of #1, but they are so good I had to give them their own moment. I use them twice a week and they are truly a game changer for smooth, clear, moisturized skin {I follow immediately with coconut oil}
  3. Lay n Go Makeup Bag. I’ve had this thing since April 2015. I’ve used it every single day since. Our bathroom has minimal counter space, so I open this up and lay it right in the sink. I can see all of my makeup items and when I’m finished applying, I tuck the whole bag away. It wipes clean very well and is excellent for travel, too.
  4. Cremo Shaving Cream. I began using this in 2017 and continue to love it. I’ve tried a few other options, but nope, this is the best. Read the directions before you use it.
  5. NYX Lip Liner. I’m not a lipstick, stain, or gloss girl. Instead, I line and fill my top lip, then add this best-everrrr chapstick. I keep a spare pencil in my wallet if it wears off after meals.
  6. Lash Paradise Mascara. Excellent. Amazon tends to have the best price.
  7. Shampoo + Conditioner. I alternate between the Kristin Ess Purple line and the Trader Joe’s Nourish line. Both have been so good to me this year.
  8. Oxo Bath Tub Stopper. Our tub is old. The drain just doesn’t hold water like it should. This cover has solved it all!
  9. Makeup Headband. I put a lot of coconut oil on my face at night, while it soaks in, I use this to keep it away from my hair!
  10. Microneedle Roller. This doesn’t exactly feel good to me, but I can tell it’s working! I love feeling my moisturizer {listed in this post} really soak into my skin and I love how full and moisturized my skin looks in the morning!!
  11. Silk Pillowcase. I fell for the hype and I’m pretty pleased! I do think my hair and skin are benefiting! Definitely pleased with how it’s treating my hair.


  1. 10 Foot iPhone Chargers. We have one on each side of the couch and one on each side of the bed.
  2. Bath and Body Works Candles. It’s not fall or winter without them. There are also some very fresh scents that feel super clean in spring and summer. I know they aren’t the healthiest option, but I can’t quit them just yet.
  3. Collapsible Laundry Basket with Handles. Stores flat {did you read that?! Huge space saver!} and I can carry them around the house hands-free so easily {so can MJ!}. We have two.
  4. This Laundry Detergent. Super concentrated so it’s very compact and lightweight. Also it has a special lid that doses on it’s own without a mess.
  5. Shout Laundry Wipes. Now I can mix our lights and darks resulting in less laundry loads. It’s strangely fun to see what colors they catch after each load.
  6. You’ve Got This Daily Planner Pad. I use it every day to organize my thoughts, to-do’s, wishes, and… to help me feel accomplished even when I’m not. 😉
  7. Gift Tags. Quick and easy, and used every single time that we give a gift. I keep them stored with a black felt tip pen, my gift wrap twine, and scissors.
  8. Outdoor Blanket. This lives in my car. And it comes in handy often! Parks, playgrounds, concerts. It’s durable, attractive, packs up nicely, is easy to carry, and very easy to clean.
  9. Real Simple Magazine Subscription and Parents Magazine Subscription. I’ve been a magazine addict since the pre-teen days {you know!}. In fact, did you know that it’s still my dream to work for a magazine? I have lots of subscriptions, and while some stack up – I read these two the second they arrive in my mailbox. Both have excellent tips that are seriously useful and great recipes that I use and love weekly.
  10. Week-at-a-Glance Pad. I love this product for mentally prepping our week. I put all of our appointments on one column and our meals on the other. It serves as an excellent daily reminder for Josh and me. If you can find it at WalMart, it’s a great price! But I haven’t seen it lately.


  1. Louise Hay Daily Calendar. It was super random gift from our realtor. I thought it was silly at first, but I flipped the page each day anyways. It didn’t take long for me to fall for it. Now my mornings are not complete without the day’s affirmation! I also love these cards of hers, so attractive! I end my days with them.
  2. The Purpose Show Podcast. When I find podcast pockets of time, this is what I listen to. Some are 10-15 minutes and some are longer. I always leave with tangible ideas and inspiration.
  3. Favorite Instagrammers. Other than my friends! Glennon Doyle, The Rambling Redhead, The Sister Studio, Young House Love, The Daily Tay, Cassie Sugarplum, Target Does It Again
  4. The 4×4 Diet Book. These super-quick and effective workout routines are what work best for me. I do them all at home with a pair of 8 lb free weights. Can easily be brought to a gym as well.
  5. Soul Honey Hats. Love their messages and the hats are really great quality!
  6. Tru and Company for Target Bralette. Perfect thin cups, perfect material, so comfortable. Love this! So much!
  7. MAMA Necklace. I just adore this brand, their stuff is so dang cute! I wear this necklace every single day. It’s so comfortable, and I love hearing MJ spell ‘Mama’ all the time.
  8. ColofulKoala Yoga Pants. I have two favorite pairs of workout leggings. This is the more comfortable pair. Low compression, great stretchy material, wear all day pants. Plus, a pocket for your phone.
  9. 90 Degree Workout Leggings. This pair offers compression and a thicker stretchy material. I love these! Especially for working out! And while they aren’t comfortable for a full day of wear, I absolutely wear them when I’m not working out. A lot!
  10. Bed Jacket. Y’all. This thing is fantastic! If I am in my house, I am wearing it. It’s super soft on both sides {not that dry feeling at all} and it’s warm but also lightweight. And it has pockets which are crazy useful.


So… I made the baby list, but it was way too long to add into this post. It’ll be it’s own post, another time though! *UPDATE: Here is the baby list!

I hope you enjoyed this list! This stuff floats around in my head all 12 {well, 11} months of the year, it’s so strangely fun for me! What items made your list that I need to know about??!?!? Tell me!

A kitchen towel by any chance??? We are in the market!

Thank you for reading!
Amanda Macy Hall


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