more seaside time

Another day in beach land!!! loving vacation time!
family board games. i am personally not a fan… i painted my finger nails and pretended to play instead. i even tried to make this game into a drinking game…but Mom wasn’t too thrilled. haha
but seriously, with letters like this…how can this game be fun?!
josh really likes family fun board game time… this is a pic of him using his “brain power.” riiight. 
 aren’t my parents cute
we spend a majority of our vacation time riding bikes through all of the neighborhoods and sneaking into houses that are being built. this house was amazing- i shouldve taken pictures
 more bike riding
& the day ends with a lovely dinner on our wonderful patio watching the sun set! 

back up early early the next morning for more bike riding

we found a great climbing tree and of course took some “family fun” dorky pictures 🙂

i felt very athletic- so this moment in history had to be well documented

love this picture 🙂

 FOUR hour bike ride. whoaaa
 she is probably thinking “this is the life” 🙂 makes me happy

🙂 amc



2 thoughts on “more seaside time

  1. hey amanda… not sure if you know who i am. i think we had class(es) together at gcsu… anyways, i saw your blog post on facebook and had to check it out… i too am blog obsessed. so i am a new follower- hope you dont mind! love your blog… and i love emily giffin and have 'the help' and the pioneer woman's books sitting on my shelf waiting to be read!you can check out mine if you want at


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