patio plannin’

One day soon it will get warm…even though we saw snow on Saturday, I am hopeful! You can do it Atlanta, get warm! Let me see your sun! Please! 

When it does, we want to be patio ready. I’ve never furnished or decorated an outdoor space before so my mind is all sorts of over-inspired. 

So I need your help! 

The 3 themes in the running are…
Vibrant, happy and fun. This theme is full of energy and life and begs to live under the summer sun. It has a boho feel and gorgeous pops of hot pink and orange. 

Soft, airy and soothing. This patio theme features layers of sunbleached whites and tans and is picture perfect for relaxing with a glass {or two} of crisp white wine.
Clean, stylish and chic. I have an affinity for graphic hits of black and white that I just cannot shake. This theme bodes well for glossy blacks, strong lines, bright whites and modern prints. 

Let’s have a sit on the patio!
But….let’s buy some chairs first…

Whats your fave?

*photo references available upon request, most can be found on my pinterest ‘patio livin’ board here


6 thoughts on “patio plannin’

  1. I'd go for the first theme. I always love vibrant colors because they provide a refreshing atmosphere. But if you want you to have a patio that is simple yet classy, the second one is a good choice. The last conveys sophistication, and you can also feel the soothing aura in there. It's hard to decide. Haha! Well, you should go for the one that your heart really desires. :')


  2. I have to mention that the bottom right patio in the black/white scheme looks like it could have been taken from my garden. Well, almost. Haha! Our home's patio is the garden's centerpiece, and it's perfect for eating a meal or hanging out and enjoying our own backyard scenery. How does your patio look now?


  3. We're looking to give our patio a makeover and I've been searching high and look for ideas. I love the white theme because it's soothing and airy like you said. Also, our garden is filled with lots of colored flowers that bloom through spring and summer, so I think the white will provide a great contrast. Thanks for sharing these pictures, Amanda!


  4. I love all three looks! But I think my favorite is the bright colors inspiration. It would be something different from the inside of your home – it would be full of energy, but also a place to feel happy and relaxed.


  5. Hello! Iยดm your new follower.I found your blog from pinterest ๐Ÿ™‚ Sorry, my english is bad ๐Ÿ™‚ Your home looks wonderful and that carpet you painted,is so fine !Do you live in England? Welcome in to my blog, you can watch the pictures, i write in finnish :)t. Ani


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